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Explain why the distribution you use is superior to everybody else's.

gentoo iamsuperior IrunGentooOnMyGentoo MyOtherCarIsAGentoo

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Do what the title says. I'll do mine with Gentoo. Yours doesn't need to be as long as mine, I just like to overachieve on the internet.

Hi there. This is Gentoo. It's a good distribution. Yours isn't. You know why?

SECTION I: Community.
This is a very important factor when considering a distribution, as you don't want to share your opinion with illiterate 8 year olds. It's why I don't play Call of Duty, Battlefield, or DoTA. Let's look at Ubuntu's community.
(quoting from an actual post on the ubuntu forums)

Oh look! A technologically impaired person! Turns out, this isn't very uncommon in the Ubuntu community. Now let's see a typical newcomer to the gentoo community.
(actual post from the gentoo forums)

What a gentleman. He:
* Uses proper grammar
* Can Google his problems
* Is straightforward with his question
* Probably drinks fine wine, wears suits, is a connoisseur of aged cheeses, and has a monocle (or two).

Section II: Included software.
Included software is a necessity. If any modern OS came without a browsProxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

or command line, what would you do with your life? Let's see Ubuntu's included software.
* Bluetooth analyzer
* Calculator
* Firefox
* other generic software
Boring. Gentoo comes with exciting programs like:
* Funzip (It has fun in the name. Even compressing files is fun in gentoo.)
* Sandbox (How can a child's toy not be fun on Gentoo?)
* Mailbot (Robots are badass.)

Section III: Portage
apt-get install audacious
emerge audacious
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Arch Linux is the best because it's lightweight, and you can make whatever you want out of it.




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Debian. Simply because its easy, iPhones and perfect for dedicated servers :p that's all really.





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Not a huge Linux person and not going to go in depth on my reasons, but through the versions I did try out I preferred Linux Mint Cinnamon. Felt easy to use, lightweight, and styling was good.

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* Probably drinks fine wine, wears suits, is a connoisseur of aged cheeses...

Hey, this is me...lol

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I like Ubuntu, it very popular. Maybe the most popular OS in Linux.



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Currently using linux mint 16 cinnamon .. It is forked off Debian and Ubuntu.


No complains thus far.


Installed on VMware player 6 without issues.


Only fault so far which pisses me is the new login screens.. some new login screens have weird UI ..

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Stephen Hacking

Stephen Hacking

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Raspbian, its a custom build off of Debian for the Raspberry Pi, extremely light weight, easy to use, old school looking GUI ( nostalgia) just a lovely OS in general


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