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Cortana comes to iOS and Android!

Posted by Hatty Hattington , 13 March 2015 · 82 views

Cortana comes to iOS and Android! Calling all Spartans, Halos AI "Cortana" comes to iOS and Android soon!

That's right muthalickas,
Microsoft is working on an advanced version of its Cortana digital assistant using research from an artificial intelligence project called "Einstein", reports Reuters. The updated personal assistant will launch with Windows 10 this fall and later will be available as a standalone app for iOS and Android.

The plan to put Cortana on machines running software from rivals such as Apple and Google, as well as the Einstein project, have not been reported. Cortana is the name of an artificial intelligence character in the video game series "Halo." They represent a new front in CEO Satya Nadella's battle to sell Microsoft software on any device or platform, rather than trying to force customers to use Windows. Success on rivals' platforms could create new markets and greater relevance for the company best known for its decades-old operating system.

"This kind of technology, which can read and understand email, will play a central role in the next roll out of Cortana, which we are working on now for the fall time frame," said Eric Horvitz, managing director of Microsoft Research and a part of the Einstein project. "We're defining the competitive landscape... of who can provide the most supportive services that make life easier, keep track of things, that complement human memory in a way that helps us get things done."

Recently, a video of Microsoft new Spartan web browser leaked that showed Cortana integration. The new browser will ship with Windows 10.

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TaiG has been updated to support iTunes 12.1

Posted by cRazEY-G , 21 February 2015 · 542 views
That's riiiiiiiight!!!
Read all about it:
V1.2.1 (2015-2-12)
TaiG can support iTunes12.1 now(By download new driver from a post in 3K BBS)

So head on over to your local TaiG website and get the solution to your winter blues!


Reuters: Apple’s Project Titan involves a self-driving electric car

Posted by god , 14 February 2015 · 222 views

A rumor involving an Apple-branded electric vehicle that The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal threw their weight behind just took an interesting turn with a Reuters report Saturday offering additional tidbits.

The news gathering organization learned from sources that Apple’s electric vehicle is actually an autonomous self-driving car. Apple is reportedly actually “exploring how to make an entire vehicle” rather than just designing automotive software as previously suspected.

The story, however, contradicts The Wall Street Journal which said last evening that developing a self-driving car was not part of Apple’s effort.

“They don’t appear to want a lot of help from carmakers,” the source who declined to be named told Reuters.

Another automotive source told Reuters that Apple “is learning” how to make a self-driving electric car and “is gathering advice” from experts at carmakers and automotive suppliers on parts and production methods.

The company isn’t interested in combustion engine technology or conventional manufacturing methods, the story notes.

As previously reported, last September Apple hired Johann Jungwirth, President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America, who specialized in integrating smartphone functionality and developing advanced user experiences.

During his tenure at Daimler from March 2009 to September 2014 Jungwirth oversaw Connected Car & UI Telematics, Autonomous Driving, Advanced User Experience Design, Powertrain & eDrive, Advanced Exterior Design and Mercedes Benz style, group research and regulatory affairs, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple’s boss Tim Cook approved Project Titan about a year ago, putting product design Vice President Steve Zadesky in charge.

A former Ford engineer, Zadesky has been a long time Apple employee who helped create the iPod and later the iPhone, and is now said to have created a 1,000-people automotive team at a secret location separate from Apple’s main campus.


Project Titan: Apple’s secret electric car

Posted by god , 14 February 2015 · 245 views

Apple has several hundred employees secretly working on creating an electric vehicle, reported the Wall Street Journal on Friday, citing people familiar with the company’s plans. Code-named Titan, the project currently sports the design of a minivan.

According to the Journal, Apple CEO Tim Cook approved the project about a year ago, putting product design Vice President Steve Zadesky in charge. A former Ford engineer, Zadesky has been a long time Apple employee who helped create the iPod and later the iPhone.

Zadesky is said to have created a team strong of 1,000 people, which tends to prove that Apple is serious about the project, rather than considering this electric car a hobby.

But of course, until we get an official confirmation from Apple, project Titan remains just this: a project that may or may not see the light of day. Besides, the technology developed for the project could very well be used for other products (think batteries, a technology in real need of a breakthrough). Either way, if Apple decided to go ahead with Project Titan, it would probably take years for an actual car to go into production.

This report comes a few hours after the Financial Times published a similar story earlier today, claiming that Apple had hired former President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development Johann Jungwirth, a report that has now been corroborated by the Wall Street Journal.

The rumors of Apple working on a car project started last week when mysterious vans equipped with cameras spotted around the country had Apple’s name attached to them. Two days later, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in an interview Apple was trying really hard to hire employees away from his company. It’s now easier to connect the dots.


Apple hiring automotive experts for secret project

Posted by god , 14 February 2015 · 189 views

Apple is recruiting experts in automotive technology and vehicle design to work at a new top-secret research lab, Financial Times reported on Friday. Among the new-hires is former president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development Johann Jungwirth.

Citing several insider sources, the outlet says Apple set up the new research lab late last year at a confidential Silicon Valley location. And it’s believed that the facility is being used by a team, led by experienced iPhone managers, to research new automotive products.

One theory is that these products include an “advanced software platform” for car-makers that builds on CarPlay. But others feel that the background of the auto-experts being hired and the level of seniority involvement suggest something much bigger is in the works.

“Three months ago I would have said it was CarPlay,” a well-informed source told Financial Times’ Tim Bradshaw. “Today I think it’s a car.” The person added that Jony Ive and his design team have been holding meetings with auto execs and engineers in recent months.

The news comes as rumors of Apple’s interest in the automotive industry are beginning to intensify. Last week a camera-equipped vehicle registered to the firm was spotted driving around San Francisco, followed by reports it’s engaged in a poaching war with Tesla Motors.


New report sheds light on Apple’s ambitious music plans

Posted by god , 14 February 2015 · 177 views

Apple doesn’t just want to compete in the music business, it wants to be the music business, according to a new report from Billboard. Citing sources with knowledge of the matter, the outlet has shed some light on the company’s ambitious plans for the record industry.

Beats co-founder and Apple executive Jimmy Iovine has apparently been holding secret meetings with senior executives from many record labels in recent weeks. The discussions are of course protected by non-disclosure agreements, but details are beginning to trickle out.

Some of it we’ve heard before, such as Apple is looking to launch a revamped streaming service within the next few months, with a monthly price point lower than its competitors. But it’s also apparently looking to do some significant housecleaning within its digital iTunes Store.

“Other clues suggest a major scrub to the iTunes store, which will rid itself of thousands of titles including soundalikes and certain covers, all at Apple’s discretion,” Billboard reports. There is also talk that the ‘Featured’ music section could move from editorial-based to sales-based.

With over $180 billion in cash, Apple has the resources to do pretty much whatever it wants in the music industry. And following its $3 billion purchase of Beats last year, which brought on Iovine and the well-connected rapper and producer Dr. Dre as executives, it also has the clout.

In the photograph above, Iovine sits with Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, former US Vice president Al Gore and former House speaker Nacy Pelosi at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy gala. Billboard said the group had a ‘Goodfellas’ vibe, with many industry execs coming up to pay their respects.


Apple Pay gets major backing from US Government

Posted by god , 14 February 2015 · 191 views

As Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at the President Obama’s Summit on Cybersecurity on Friday, the White House announced that Apple Pay will be enabled for federal payment cards, including Social Security and veterans benefits that are issued via debit cards.

The news represents a major vote of confidence for Apple Pay and Apple in general. While it shouldn’t be considered a proper endorsement from the White House, it is still a major win for Apple.

According to Bloomberg who first reported the news, this deal “includes the Direct Express payment network and government cards issued through GSA SmartPay, which handles more than 87.4 million transaction worth $26.4 billion each year.”

“We’re excited to announce that beginning in September, Apple Pay will be available for many transactions with the Federal Government, for example when you pay for admission to your favorite National Park,” said Tim Cook at the event.

Tim Cook’s speech made a big emphasis of security and privacy, pointing out once again that Apple doesn’t analyze or share any customer data, a subtle jab of course to competitors like Google who exclusively rely on customer data to generate revenue.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, and Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt were invited to the summit but didn’t attend it. In view of what Tim Cook shared on stage, it’s no wonder why they all declined the invitation.


Apple enables two-step verification for FaceTime and iMessages

Posted by god , 14 February 2015 · 205 views

Apple has enabled two-step verification for its FaceTime and iMessage services, The Guardian reported on Thursday. The move will force users who have the authentication system enabled to input an app-specific password when logging into either of the two services.

For those unfamiliar with the term, two-step verification is an opt-in system that adds an additional layer of security to Apple ID accounts. It requires users to input authentication codes when logging into iCloud on new devices, the web, and now iMessage and FaceTime.

Apple first enabled two-step verification for its Apple ID accounts in early 2013, and last fall it expanded it to cover web iCloud logins. Today’s move comes a few days after a Medium post criticizing the limitations of Apple’s two-step implementation went viral among techies.

Following the major nude celebrity photo leak last fall, Tim Cook said that Apple would be doubling down on iCloud security. He pledged that Apple would roll out new security measures, and that it’d do a much better job of educating users about two-factor authentication.

We highly recommend that all users enable this extra layer of security


Apple supplier Avago Tech rumored to provide 3D Touch technology for iPhone 6s

Posted by god , 14 February 2015 · 208 views

A report Thursday by the The Economic Daily News claims to have identified a company that will supply Apple with a pressure-sensitive touch technology for the next iPhone. US-based Avago Tech, which lists Apple as a key customer, will be the main supplier of a 3D touch technology for an ‘iPhone 6s’ refresh, supply chain sources assert.

For what it’s worth, recent reports by Tech News Taiwan and UDN did mention that the next iPhone might adopt the Watch’s Force Touch feature that uses tiny electrodes around the display to differentiate between a light tap and a deep press.

The source mentions that Avago Tech has also been involved in the early stages of development for the Wii Gesture Sensor technology. Assuming the iPhone 6s makes its debut this Fall, it may be a tad too early to call out any specific supplier by its name.

Don’t get me wrong, Apple is definitely procuring iPhone components as we speak. But, I don’t think contracts have been signed as the handset has yet to reach a prototyping stage and we would have seen some credible leaks by now.

Whether or not Asian supply chain sources are referring to Force Touch when mentioning 3D Touch remains to be seen.

For the time being, we’re putting this one into the ‘Relatively Unlikely’ drawer until more reliable sources have stepped forward and confirmed reportage of UDN, Tech News Taiwan and The Economic Daily News.

Also, how would Force Touch apply to an iPhone and what benefits, if any, would it offer as opposed to tapping an option in a menu? Pressing the Watch’s tiny screen to show quick options related to the context of the app makes lots of sense.

On the iPhone, not so much.

Besides, implementing a new user interaction method would entail writing new APIs so developers would need to update their apps in order to take advantage of this rumored new functionality.



Apple eradicating ‘bonded servitude’ at supplier factories

Posted by god , 14 February 2015 · 175 views

Apple has informed its supply chain partners that it will no longer tolerate the charging of recruitment fees to new hires, the company said in its annual Supplier Responsibility report on Wednesday. The practice is common in countries like China, where labor is in short supply, and manufacturers use third-party brokers to help staff their factories.

“It is in essence bonded servitude,” Apple’s Senior Vice President of Operations Jeff Williams tells Bloomberg, describing a scenario in which a factory new-hire is forced to take on a huge debt before they even begin work. “That fee needs to be paid by the supplier and Apple ultimately bears that fee when we pay the supplier and we’re OK doing that.”

Previously, Apple had limited new-hire fees to one month’s pay. Any fee that was more than that was considered excessive and required suppliers to repay the amount when discovered. Apple says that suppliers have repaid almost $21 million in excess fees to more than 30,000 workers since 2008. “Every year we raise our standards,” Williams said.

Apple has taken quite a bit of criticism for the working conditions in its supply chain, with reports painting pictures of overworked and underpaid employees. But to its credit, the company has done a lot to remedy these issues—despite churning out a record number of iPhones in 2014, 92% of its supply partners met its work hour requirements.