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iModGame Game Hacking Tool

Posted by Black Hippy , in iPod, iPhone, iPad, iOS, Cydia, Apple, Uncategorized 25 March 2013 · 70,106 views

Finding hacks for your favorite games can be hard and tedious task. Searching google and different websites downloading random hacks that may or may not work. Having to sign apps and do all these different steps just to get the game working. That is a lot of work. But someone has you back by the name of Nadis Lai and with the help of Jermsicskillz and Lethal_Shots (AKA Person1359). He created an easy to use app with lots of hacks all in one place called, iModGame.

iModGame is an all in one hacking tool. iModGame works on jailbroken and non - jailbroken devices and supports all idevices iOS 5 and higher. iModGame mods cost points. Points cost $10 for 1000 mod points and each hack is about 100 mod points and some are free. To get free mod points you can:
Invite new users to get free Mod Points

Option 1. (Inviters do this)
Invite new users by spreading the word. You can spread the words about iModGame service via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

An example:
Free Hack for Angry Birds Star Wars!! Free Mighty Falcons & Unlock Path of the Jedi!! No jailbreak required!
New users please thank me in the mod app (My user ID is 1001), you can get 50 extra mod points by thanking me!!

Option 2. (Invitees do this)
Download iModGame app then thank your inviter in iModGame app by entering his/her user ID, both of you will get 50 Mod Points for this.

Option 3.

Posted Image

iModGame know what games you have installed and put those games that are hackable on the top of the list. Once you select the hack for you game It will show you all the details.

Posted Image

What version the game hack will work on, what the hack does, and how many mod points it will cost. It has an on/off switch for enabling and disabling hacks on the go.

ImodGame is a great game hacking app anyone can use.

Non jailbroken
Download program

Add source in Cydia http://cydia.imodgame.net

If you have any comment leave them below.

how can I thank the inviter if the thank the inviter button don't exist? sorry for bad english
Black Hippy
Sep 27 2013 08:44 AM

i think you cant because you already used it

Mar 12 2014 09:24 AM
There is no thank button durp
Mar 29 2014 08:55 AM

dude the hack is a load of BS only thing you can do is BUY points, you cant enter codes or even thank the person

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