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  1. Kodi 18.0 Nightly build has been released!

    The Nightly build of Kodi 18.0 'Leia' 

    Currently it is available for  Windows Linux Android Raspberry Pi  iOS (jailbroken)  Mac OS X

    Let us know here on the Forum or on twitter @insanelyi





  2. The following was taken from Modmyi and started by user: blkcadi

    See here


    This list will be updated with a Googledocs type link when one is created. The new Pangu jailbreak was just released so please be patient for developers to update their tweaks.


    Eclipse 3
    Front Flash
    GIFPaper (iOS 7)
    iCaughtU Pro
    Keyboard Accio
    Messenger ++
    Minimal HUD
    noNoSimAlert 8
    Phantom for Snapchat
    Poke ++ for Pokemon Go!
    Power Tap
    Preference Loader
    Protect My Privacy
    Pwntunes for iOS9
    RevealNC 9
    Rocker for Instagram
    Speed Intensifier
    StatusVol X
    VirtualHome 8 n 9


    According to Reddit:


    Minimal Hosts Blocker: Works
    Poke ++ for Pokemon GO: Works
    ProTube: Works
    Speak Notification: Works
    3dnolag: Works
    Snapchat+: Works
    Masterball (for PokemonGO): Works (Repo:
    NudeKeys: Works
    CCSettings: Works (Respring toggle causes save mode)
    CClean: Works
    Cylinder: Works
    Upscale: Works
    Winterboard: Works (Make sure to install IconBundles, thanks to /u/n0mar [+1])
    BioProtect: Works (Edit: It does not let me protect user apps, only system apps)
    Five Icon Dock: Buggy (at least for me)
    Forecast: Shows temperature on lockscreen but not the weather wallpapers
    HideMeX: Safe Mode
    Protean: Safe Mode
    BytaFont 3: Safe Mode
    Activator: Safe Mode

  3. Hello friends, Its been 1 year since I last wrote on this blog and the last post was regarding insanelyi's cydia depiction pages, well I'm back with another depiction update. The previous depiction pages were written from scratch, but the new update is based off MacCiti's depics, clean, simple and matches Cydia's design. We've also included the cover photo feature, this allows us to display a cover photo within a package description, this photo spans the page horizontally when viewing a package, while not all packages will have a cover photo the popular ones should, great feature for showing off themes or apps and sometimes even tweaks.


    I've snapped a few screenshots...


    click for full size image.


    thumb_1450063199__img_0961.png thumb_1450070476__img_0962.png


    thumb_1450070534__img_0963.png thumb_1450070559__img_0964.png


    Like what we've done, please comment below :)


    Credit: MacCiti for the base depics.

  4. Black Hippy
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    By Black Hippy,



    1. Alot of coins

    2. Alot of lives

    3. A very high score


    1. Open in ifle

    2. Tap installer

    3. Respring


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    Apple has patched an obscure vulnerability in its iOS operating system that could have allowed a malicious hacker to install malware on an iPad or iPhone via a bogus USB charger.

    Discovered by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the vulnerability can be exploited only by a custom-built USB charger outfitted with a tiny Linux computer. But it can be exploited quickly — in under 60 seconds.

    “Despite the plethora of defense mechanisms in iOS, we successfully injected arbitrary software into current-generation Apple devices running the latest operating system (OS) software,” the researchers explain in their Black Hat security conference presentation summary. “All users are affected, as our approach requires neither a jailbroken device nor user interaction. … attackers can hide their software in the same way Apple hides its own built-in applications.”

    Potentially nasty stuff. But Apple has already developed a fix that will bolster iOS’s defenses against it. It has programmed the operating system to ask users if they trust the computer to which they’re connecting their device. A simple and effective fix for a nascent exploit that could have evolved into a real threat, given enough time.

  5. I recommend You download this app as soon as possible... I just have a feeling. 


    Mixtape Player now available on the AppStore!…
    2/17/17, 2:17 AM


    and this was re-tweeted by Luca (@qwertyoruiop)


    2/17/17, 2:22 AM



    Let's hope this is what we think it is, but if not, you at least have some terribly funny tracks to listen to... (and I do mean terribly)

  6. 79a77be6e2d3985e0a2bc8dd7d4a1f8086fc6334.jpg



    WhatsApp on Tuesday launched a native desktop app for Mac and Windows computers. The Facebook-owned messaging service says the app provides a “new way to stay in touch anytime and anywhere – whether on your phone or computer at home or work.”

    To download the new desktop version of WhatsApp, visit from your desktop browser. Then, open the app and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp app on your smartphone (be sure to look for WhatsApp Web menu under Settings).

    Like WhatsApp Web, our desktop app is simply an extension of your phone: the app mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device. 

    The new desktop app is available for Windows 8+ and Mac OS 10.9+ and is synced with WhatsApp on your mobile device. Because the app runs natively on your desktop, you’ll have support for native desktop notifications, better keyboard shortcuts, and more.

    WhatsApp is one of the largest cross-platform messaging services in the world. In February, Facebook announced that it is now seeing 1 billion active users per month. And in April, the company introduced end-to-end encryption for increased security and privacy.

    Source: WhatsApp

  7. Source:




    A cryptic Apple Inc. error message is informing some iPhone owners that their devices, repaired by outsiders, are dead, in what some people view as an Apple effort to exert more control over repairs to its products.


    Dozens of iPhone owners are complaining online that when upgrading their phones to the latest software, they received

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    If you're a Phantom user for the popular application called SnapChat. Recently, you'll notice you've been locked out of your account. This is because CokePokes (the maker of Phantom) might have hit a major nerve with the makers of SnapChat by enabling "GeoFilter spoofing" to gain access to all of any geo-filter on earth, while simply sitting at home. Why is this a major nerve with SnapChat? I have no clue, but they've attacked thousands of users by disabling access to their account and forcing them to uninstall/disable Phantom and all "3rd party plugins" and log into get their account back.


    Now why is this a violation of their own ToS? Well, CokePokes himself said it very blatantly:




    What does this mean, exactly? Well simply put, SnapChat has been locking down accounts against their own terms and possibly this could be considered illegal. Yes, a company has every right to change their ToS without warning. However, they did not ask us to agree to them as they should have done so. As a SnapChat user, I feel as if my rights as one of their users has been violated since I was absolutely unaware they did NOT allow 3rd party plugins/applications. What are your thoughts on the major lockout? Do you feel the way I do? How do you feel about CokePokes fight against the makers of SnapChat?


    Thanks for reading!

  8. Most Apple Device users are satisfied with their choices, jail broken or not, but some, like me, aren't. My specific problem is the fact that you can't send traditional SMS/MMS through the Messages app, even with an after market SIM Card which supports calling and texting. You can only iMessage other iDevices. If you happen to have an iPhone on iOS 8.1 or newer you can use SMS Relay to forward your iPhone messages to your iPad or Mac, but if you're like me, you only have one Apple Device. Which to me is a stupid idea. We should have the ability to SMS from any device on any firmware. I'd sit here and hope that Apple decides to change this is the coming updates, but you know Apple, they only care about the money, and rarely put in consumer requests, their main focus is preventing you from jail breaking.

    There are some tweak which modifies the iPad to support SMS but they haven't been updated since iOS 6, so there isn't much hope as of now.


  9. 1416845526__11h89kx.jpg

    There you have it, folks. As we reported just an hour ago, the Pangu jailbreak with Cydia installer was imminent. Now it appears that Pangu has flipped the switch on the update, and added the Cydia installer, which installs the latest awesome version of Cydia, directly to the Pangu jailbreak package.

    This now means it

  10. blog-0579735001406616285.pngAfter days, Facebook will force users to use their app, Messenger. The social networking company started to force European users and showed that many liked it and decided to make the change to other countries. Over time, you might see a message like the one in the picture. Mobile web, iPad, Windows Phone, Paper, and feature phone users are safe from being forced.

    According to TechCrunch, this is Facebook's official statement:

  11. 1403747968__image.jpg

    Dear Max,

    I saw you yesterday afternoon injured in the grass. I called for you and you turned to look right at me. It took you a minute until you realized I knew something was wrong. It was at that point you started making your way towards me. Once you were close enough, you smelled my hand and gave it a lick as you were starting to lay back down. I knew at that moment I couldn't leave you behind with the way you looked.

    Thanks to the lady parked in her truck she had a spare chain for me to use as a temporary leash so I could help you into my car. Once I laid down in my back seat, I got in back in my car and immediately gave you the other half of my sub which you seemed to really enjoy.

    Once we got home, you were introduced to my wife, son, and our little baby girl dog. She's only a year and few months old. You really seemed to not mind my wife and son but it was our little girl that bothered you. I wish the 2 of you were able to get along but unfortunately after the few attempts of dog communication, it was only getting worse.

    I tried to give it you another day. I believed that you were still in shock from what may have happened to you which is causing you to be aggressive.

    Start of the 2nd day, I went out and bought you the dog works. Food, Bowls, Collar, and leash. As the 2nd day progressed, a few growls were exchanged. It was until later that evening when you took it too far by picking up our little girl by the neck and shaking her violently. This type of behaviour from you was heart breaking. I wanted to keep you and train you to be a friendlier dog but I simply can not do that, especially if I am not going to be home for 10 hours of the day.

    I do know this though, besides your behaviour towards our little girl, the rest of your behaviour is very friendly. You are a gorgeous dog and stuck by my side no matter where I was. You were always next me wherever I was sitting. You wrestled around a little and were only being playful.

    I hope when I bring you to the vet tomorrow that your owner is able to come and get you or that a better family is found for you. I'll always remember you.

    Your Dog Rescuer

  12. Saurik has announced that due to a mistake in the system used to request APTickets from Apple, all the tickets saved via Cydia are 'useless'.

    Those of you who recently launched Cydia may have received a notice to "See TSS Center (below) to request iOS SHSH", and may be surprised to read the message, "No SHSH seems to be stored for this device".

    At this point, I think I have described everything I need in order to explain the current situation: all of the APTickets Cydia itself requested from Apple for iOS 6 are useless. The word "useless" is important, as it is not accurate to use the word "corrupt": the data that was uploaded was not lost or damaged, and in fact all of the tickets that were stored verified per the algorithm from MuscleNerd.

    Instead, the requests being made via Cydia to collect SHSH information for iOS 6 did not result in useful tickets. This is because, in order to better emulate the requests Apple had been making when I first started the service, I filter the manifests I send to Apple to only include information about files that had the partial digests I discussed earlier, as only files that have partial digests are relevant for SHSH.

    However, the APTicket signs complete digests, not partial digests, and so even descriptions of files that do not have partial digests need to be sent to TSS to get a complete ticket. What really should therefore be used as a filter is "files with digest information at all", not just those that have partial digests (there is never a partial digest without a full digest), effectively finding all "real" files.

    The result is that the APTickets that were downloaded and saved by Cydia itself are not sufficient to boot a device. However, tickets that were downloaded or otherwise obtained by tools such as redsn0w, iFaith, or TinyUmbrella, will work fine. If those tickets are uploaded to Cydia and then downloaded back, they also will continue to work: it is only tickets downloaded by Cydia clients themselves that were affected.

    Full article here - link here

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    Pod2g confirms evad3rs are not working on 6.1.3 jailbreak


    It’s been nearly two weeks now since Apple released iOS 6.1.3 that effectively killed the evasi0n jailbreak. It had a good run though, lasting for nearly 6 weeks, through 2 iOS software updates, and jailbroke close to 20 million devices.

    And it looks like that’s it for jailbreaks for a while. We had an inkling there wouldn’t be a 6.1.3 jailbreak released—it doesn’t make sense to burn exploits before iOS 7— and the evad3rs‘ pod2g just confirmed our suspicion on Twitter…

    Here’s the tweet :

    Again, this doesn’t really come as much of a surprise. Apple is expected to unveil the next version of iOS, presumably iOS 7, at its WWDC event, and that typically happens around mid-June. So that’s what, just over two months away?

    This makes it virtually pointless for the evad3rs to update the evasi0n jailbreak tool with new exploits, as Apple would certainly patch them in iOS 7. And then you’ve burned usable exploits, which seem to be getting harder to find.

    It is worth noting, however, that p0sixninja recently announced that he has discovered enough exploits to produce a new jailbreak. And although it’s very unlikely, it’s possible he could release it before Apple unveils the next version of iOS.

    But my money is on us not seeing a new jailbreak until late-summer, or even the fall. So [obviously] you’ll want to stay away from iOS 6.1.3, and any future iOS 6.x updates.

    Source :

  13. So have you lost the hope that you will not see an untethered jailbreak for the upcoming iOS 6 versions ? Don't worry, today we've got some great news from the popular hacker P0sixninja who has just said on his official twitter account that he has discovered some vulnerabilities that were not patched by the company’s security team in the latest iOS update, as he tweeted out earlier tonight: “Well, so far it looks like the next jailbreak might be created entirely by me.


    Check out the tweet:


    But don’t worry, p0sixninja says that the evad3rs haven’t gone anywhere. He’s just discovered the exploits on his own.


  14. RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani has released a new research report today citing supply chain checks as the basis for predicting a June or July launch for both the iPhone 5S and a lower-cost iPhone, in line with other recent reports. Daryanani says, however, that the lower-cost iPhone appears set to omit a Retina display.

    Our supply-chain checks indicate that AAPL is working to launch multiple new phones in the June/July time-frame this year. Specifically, AAPL will launch the iPhone5s and a more affordable but lower-end iPhone at the same time, in either late CYQ2 or early Q3. The low-end iPhone will have the same 4" form factor as the iPhone5 but will have plastic casing and no retina display. With a lower price-point, AAPL will be able to target a growing and important part of the Smartphone market (sub-$400 price-band).

    Daryanani's claim of no Retina display for the lower-cost iPhone conflicts with reports from reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has claimed several times that the cheaper iPhone's 4-inch display will carry the same 326 pixels per inch seen on all Retina iPhone displays released to date.

    Daryanani's claims also raises suspicion because Retina displays are a long-established feature of Apple's iPhone lineup, with all the iPhone models currently offered by Apple supporting the feature. This includes the iPhone 4, which is offered for free with a two-year contract in the United States, although this new low-cost iPhone is said to be seeking to bring prices even lower to attract customers in markets where carrier subsidies are uncommon.

    Just yesterday, Apple announced to developers that all apps submitted to the App Store must support both Retina resolution and the larger 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch as of May 1. Apps can, of course, also support devices such as the iPhone 3GS using non-Retina displays.


  15. Switzerland's Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, or Swiss Federal Railway service, has accused Apple of using their iconic clock in its Clock app for iPad without permission,according to a report in the Swiss newspaper Blick [Google Translate].


    Left: Apple's Clock app. Right: The iconic Swiss Railway clock. Courtesy Wikipedia

    , designed by Hans Hilfiker, has become an icon of both the Swiss railway and of Switzerland itself. The trademark and copyright for the clock is owned by the Swiss Federal Railways service.

    According to the article:

    SBB is the sole owner of the trademark and copyright of the railway clock. The railway company will now get in touch with Apple. The aim is a legal, as well as a financial solution. It is not right that one [Apple] simply copies the design.

    The paper notes that Apple Switzerland declined to comment and directed reporters to Apple's corporate headquarters in the United States.

    The clock's image is widely licensed, with the watchmaker Mondaine selling replicas around the world.

    (Thanks for the translation, Dave!)

    Update: In the interest of fairness, we have changed our links from Tanges-Anzeiger to the Swiss daily Blick, which first reported the story. The translated quote remains one provided by a MacRumors reader from a paragraph in the Tanges-Anzeiger story.

    via mac rumors

  16. iPhone5-close-up-vendor_connector-580x480.png

    It looks like this time around, Apple has new plans for the way it is distributing the iPhone 5. We earlier learned factory unlocked iPhones will no longer be available for purchase on launch day at Apple retail stores. Now, the Globe and Mail is reporting Apple is tightening how authorized resellers distribute the new iPhone:

    People close to some of the Canadian carriers that are planning to sell the new device said Friday that Apple will not allow those firms to sell it in their stores without also activating the device.

    In effect, that means users will have a harder time reselling the phones or shipping them to other countries where the iPhone may not have launched yet, or may not normally be available. As such, the move gives Apple more control over how and where its devices are sold.

    According to a source, Apple had not required immediate activation as a prerequisite for sales for any of the previous iPhone models.

    Essentially, when you walk into any carrier or dealer to buy the iPhone 5, you won’t be able to leave with your phone until it is activated. An ‘activation’ in Apple’s definition means getting to the Home screen.

    Anytime an iPhone is activated on either Rogers, Telus or Bell, Apple is automatically paid a fee by the carriers, with the latter also receiving part of usage fees from monthly plans. According to the Globe and Mail, sources close to the ‘Big 3′ carriers confirmed off the record this new rule would apply for the iPhone 5.

    It appears these new changes target scalpers and resellers; Apple is tightening its leash on iPhone sales.

    Update: Our reliable source mentions you can leave Apple Stores with a sealed carrier locked and activated iPhone 5. Also, fully unsubsidized and carrier locked iPhone 5 units will be available for purchase.

    via iPhoneinCanada

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    This is my blog and my first blog post.

    I don't understand why this blog is required to be made. Doesn't this waste space on the server? Anyways I guess I'll post interesting stuff here that isn't about the news.

    I'll post news on the icommunity blog.

  17. thumb_1329168637__locksliderz3.png

    The iOS slide to unlock feature is fun to use, but it's very limited and boring. It takes you to the same place you left off all the time. With a new jailbreak tweak dubbed LockSliderz by iOS developer Zmaster - the same developer that brought us AndroidLockXT, we can change the way our unlock sliders behave, look, and work.

    Looking at the screenshot above, you can tell right off the bat that a few things look different about the lock screen. The most obvious is the Spotify slider, but the main slider also has a different looking icon on it - an unlocked lock instead of an arrow. The other difference you notice is that there is no 'slide to unlock' text. The design is very minimalist, however the functionality can be appreciated by anyone looking for good lock screen shortcut methods. LockSliderz comes with its own section for the Settings application which is shown below:


    Shown at the top is my favorite part of any jailbreak tweak; the ability to enable it and disable it at your leisure - great for troubleshooting. Under that you see settings for both the first and second slider. These are not to be confused with the knobs. As it turns out, LockSliderz gives you up to four knobs on your lock screen which is equivalent to two sliders. This gives you the ability to put up to three applications shortcuts on your lock screen. When you enable all of the sliders on your lock screen and make them all size small from the settings, this is what results:


    As shown, you can set any applications that you want to for each knob. When you go to slide a knob with an application on it, the device will unlock and launch the application that was defined by the knob you slid. You do not have to have four knobs, or even two sliders if you do not want to. You can have two sliders and three knobs, or you can have one slider and two knobs, or finally one slider and one knob. As you would expect, the knob on the left needs to be slid to the right and the knob on the right needs to be slid to the left.

    The last setting in the settings for LockSliderz lets you choose to have an unlock knob that matches the shape of the application knob - making it square too like the image below instead of the appearance in the first image in this review:


    The settings for LockSliderz are intense and exciting. It's worth the price tag of $1.49 because it can be extremely useful and because the graphical appearance looks insanely good. It's a great way to bring some life to that lock screen that we all feel could do more, but doesn't. If you have a pass code set and you are worried that people will be able to get into your iDevice with this tweak, then don't fret. The iDevice will require pass code input no matter which knob is slid and when you input your pass code, the application knob that you slid will launch the corresponding application.

    I really like LockSliderz and I honestly don't think I know anyone that couldn't benefit from its features. I can recommend it for any iDevice power-users that are constantly opening applications consistently to check for updates such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. It doesn't cause any kind of graphical lag on the lock screen and it feels as fluid as Apple would have wanted it to be. It requires iOS 5 to be used and works on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It's fully compatible with AndroidLockXT and LockInfo too!


  18. thumb_1324172663__iphonevsdroid.jpg

    The iPhone is safter than Android, and RIMM's BlackBerry. But for how long?

    (CORRECTION: The original post mistakenly reported that jailbreaking an iPhone and downloading apps through jailbroken iPhones was illegal. It is not illegal. A corrected copy is posted below with new information and quotes from Kaspersky Lab.)

    In the battle between smart phone rivals iPhone and Android, the iPhone’s closed operating system makes it less open to viruses, and therefore a lot safer than the Google Android, says Sergey Golovanov, a malware researcher at Kaspersky Lab in Moscow.

    Techies like Golovanov might know that Android is a malware accident waiting to happen, but most people walking around with it do not.

    Especially when it comes to security breaches done through fake quick response codes, or QR codes (crossword puzzle looking bar code scan-able by some smart phones), the iPhone is a lot safer, he says.

    “QR malware codes are mainly spreading through Android. We haven’t found any QR malware for the iPhone yet,