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  2. I purchased the full version but if I don't use the program for awhile it reverts back to the free version and I have to reinstall for it to recognize it as the full version. This is very annoying and not why I purchased it. It's basically the free program but I paid for it to act like the free version. If I wanted to keep reinstalling it every time I used it I would have kept the free version.
  3. I've done it previously on a different device that is no longer jail broken, but how do I get a substrate hack?
  4. Your a genius ! It's good to go now thank you very much!
  5. Some game developers have the in-app purchases connected to a server and then LocaliApstore won't work. You need a substrate hack to hack the game. (If available)
  6. Hey guys and girls, I recently jailbroke an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2 so that I could hack Injustice: Gods Among Us. I downloaded LocalIAPStore, but it will not give me free in app purchases, am I doing something incorrectly? Please help me.
  7. Debian, The grand daddy of linux distro's, literally the base of most distro's so might as well get this and run your crappy DE. Damnit just tried out elementary OS, Works out of the box and actually looks nice so i dont have to spend and hour googling XFCE vs LXDE
  8. Change the one that says 9.3.2, only on the "status" file. No need to touch the status_ or status-old
  9. Ok I have mixed results it's very strange let me show you.
  10. Open Filza and go to /var/lib/dpkg and open "status" with text viewer. Then press on the text field and press the search bar and search for: Package: firmware Then press on the next button to get to 2/2 search result. You will see this: In that section look at "Version" and see what it says. It has to be 10.1.1 but i see reddit topics that say that it can be messed up resulting in this issue. If it's not 10.1.1 then change it to 10.1.1 and save the file.
  11. I already have eclipse installed and using it just fine been using it for a month. its the upgrade it won't let me install also it's not the only one that's giving me the same issue.
  12. Is it the Eclipse from Bigboss or from a different repo? I checked the original deb file and it all looks good as far as i can tell.
  13. No never did anything like that but I have been on beta firmware above 10.2 then downgraded back to 10.1.1. not sure if that would cause any issues
  14. Did you by any chance change your Firmware version in a plist? Like to be able to install an iOS 9 only tweak for example.
  15. iPhone 7 Plus running 10.1.1 does anyone know why do I keep getting this and how I get around it.
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  17. FLEX

    This morning v 6.1209 stopped working. It crashes a few seconds after opening. Anyone else have that? This is the tweaked version from TUTU/appdb.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Just posting here so I can request something, hi all
  20. DEB

    Description: Irys Deluxe 10 is an amazing theme for iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch - iOS 7/8/9/10. Irys Deluxe 10 works with Anemone. Screenshots: Download: com.macciti.irysdeluxe10_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
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    Description: Frugal is an amazing theme for iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch - iOS 7/8/9/10. Frugal works with Anemone. Screenshots: Download: com.macciti.frugal2_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
  22. DEB

    Description: Darkmatter iOS10 (iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch - ios7/8/9/10). Beautiful theme made by Android dev friends @_mowmo_ v1.0 of DarkMatter iOS10 contains more than 980 awesome icons with unique style, 2 docks, badge, folder, magicdots, UI. For wallpapers, they can be downloaded in Thank you for the support. View icons list here. Screenshots: Download: com.macciti.darkmatterios10_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
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    Description: Krix for iOS on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch work with Anemone & WinterBoard on iOS 7/8/9/10 Theme made by TwoFourty Eight for Android and Ported by me on iOS. Krix UI theme for iOS is the main style Miui theme crafted. The theme is optimized for Anemone & WinterBoard. You can apply it with Anemone or Winterboard with IconBundles installed. On upcoming update, i will add your icon request that u can make on send an email at Screenshots: Download: com.macciti.krixforios10_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
  24. I have iPhone 6 model a1586 world phone it's work on GSM fine without any problems but when insert cdma sim the signal shows no service. So I need to make it work on this yemen mobile cdma carrier because they have 3G.i'm wondering if any can help I looked to carrier bundles folder on iPhone didn't find any bundle for all Yemen carriers is there site that can I garb the prl file for this carrier 0 Quote Edit
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    This hack doesn't work for me :(
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    don't worry found out how to do it
  27. MS

    How do I do step 5. ?
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