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  4. Today I tried an idea… In settings I disabled "refresh in background" and Appcake works again; all icons and all pages appear fastly… I presum an app refresh always and does a loop or takes entirely the flux … How to find suspect app?
  5. Never used Linux lol but google gave me this reddit link. Maybe there are suggestions you can try
  6. Hello. Can you give a link or a clicker name or a macro to the left / right button that works on linux ubutnu Thanks
  7. You're welcome! Take a look at the different sections we have at insanelyi. If you reach 20+ posts you gain access to the shoutbox, that's where you can cit and cat with anyone who's online. Also have a look as these:
  8. Welcome to insanelyi and enjoy your stay.
  9. Thank you! And hi. - LoliJuicy
  10. Welcome to insanelyi !!! Have fun there's plently of good content and members around. Cheers Tyler
  11. Hi, I'm a new user here. I came here mostly to download hacks of course. If I can't find anything from there, I can go here and find it. Or make a certain request, that is. - LoliJuicy
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    Looks like an alternate IFunBox or Filza. Anyways, it sure helps the game.
  13. I hope it is really helpful to me , the Windows Password loss caused great trouble,
  14. Last week
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    Description: MacOS like theme. Move all icons to the second screen or enable Top of icons in FrontPage settings to hide all your icons. Apply inside FrontPage (enable FrontPage, swipe down with 2 fingers on homescreen) and then select Nyx. This is a beta version of Nyx please let me know of any issues. Include the iPhone type, and firmware. P.S. This is not finished in any way. If you come across an issue please let me know. Note: This requires FrontPage tweak, a HTML tweak for your Homescreen. Go to Settings - FrontPage, enable the switches and respring. Then swipe down on your HS with 2 fingers to enable the menu to select the widget. Disabling the switches in settings will revert all changes again. Screenshots: FrontPage Changelog: 0.0.1 Beta Release 0.0.3 Fixed Apps with single quotes in them. 0.0.4 Fixed a bug that caused a crash if no alarms where in the alarm app Optimized some loading 0.0.5 Added option to hide statusbar Added option to open menu from settings 0.0.6 Fixed: Reduce Motion being disabled slowed opening of apps Added: New options in settings to hide dock when top of icions is NOT selected 0.0.7 Hides icons when above icons is seleted. 0.0.8 Improved loading speed on older devices. 0.0.9 Statusbar fix 0.1.0 -Disable reduce motion when FP is turned off. -Added memory info -Fixed weather bug -Added info to testtheme 0.1.1 - Fixed weather issue. 0.1.2 - Added popup for users that don't have weather set. 0.1.3 - Fixed badge not clearing for phone app. Nyx Changelog: 0.1 Initial release 0.2 Removed popups 0.3 fixed 24hr 0.4 Fixed the following items: - AppDrawer closer (the bottom of the screen) being too tall. - On small devices you could only tap the tops of bottom row of icons as the closer was on top. - When a user would swipe up over the dock for the CC, the dock icon would stick - AppDrawer doesn't show close animation when launching apps 0.5 -Fixed back button on music player -Fixed memory -Can toggle wifi on/off in status bar -Changes to dock and status bar will stay after respring. -Added floating dock and wide dock. Just type help in terminal -Added desktop icons, tap and hold the screen for over 3 seconds to add. Hold icon to remove 0.6 - Added many options to terminal. Type help in terminal to see them - Added last update time on weather, tap weather to update, tap icon to open weather app 0.7 - Added option to change launcher icon - Added option to chagne dock height and width - Fixed badge clipping when app is removed from desktop - Fixed iPad dock - Added more dock icons instead of switcher apps - Added option if you tap the image in the about section you can change the image. 0.8 - Fixed icon badge showing under dock Download FrontPage: com.junesiphone.frontpage_0.1.3_iphoneos-arm.deb Download Nyx: com.junesiphone.nyx_0.8_iphoneos-arm.deb
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    Thank you for quick reply. Keep up the good work
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    Those folders are your stock folders that you have in iOS. You can make more folders and rename them when FrontPage is disabled. After creating and naming new folders enable FrontPage and Nyx again and the new folders will show up in the sidepanel.
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    How you doing. I like this. I got it install on 6+ 10.2. But I'm wondering where can I pit more folders on the right. Where when you slide in right to left and it brings up the folder. Well I wold love to know how I can name the folder and make one or two more. And how to pit apps in them. Thanks. And thanks for posting this. I love the way it looks.
  19. YES !!!!! One more time you saved me! I don t understand why, Often I reboot and it's the first time I needed a hard reset … So now I gonna try to resolve the appcake issue and hope write "resolved" on title of this topic. U re the best
  20. Impactor not needed as Luca's jbme website would be enough to re-enable your jailbreak. A few tips before trying. 1. First do Hard reset/reboot with home and power button. 2. Then kill all apps from Multitasking. 3. Open jbme website and wait a minute or more. 4. Press go. Try a few times if it doesn't work... It had to work eventually.
  21. If you get a water cooler: you can overclock this CPU to 5GHz\ Make sure to delid it too:
  22. It looks like something went wrong during the building of your installer. Remake a new one, re-doing all the steps, and even download everything again just to be sure.
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  25. S.O.S !!!!!! I removed app, erase pref files One respring and I told me : do a reboot… and you know what ??? jbme doesn t work…!!!!!! I go on its page, clic on "do it", sometimes the window "see you other side" opens but every time I try to close it, a notif appears problem on this server this page reloads… I tried very many times S O S Friends I search on web if someone is in same case but nothing. So I supppose the reason comes from my device. Tomorrow morning I ll try again … At my job I can use my imac. Do you think I must use cydia impactor and rejailbreak? Or do you know a best idea? Hope is life… I hope in Ur knowledge You saved me many times, so one more time ? Thks U
  26. Make sure you have it installed from the Appcake repo. You can also install Appcake 4 Legacy, maybe that one works?
  27. Thks , in your opinion, after I re-install by cydia ? Cause I did it yesterday remove app and pref files but issue is always here after reinstall…
  28. Remove AppCake from cydia. The delete the preference file with filza. Start fresh again, that's what I'd do.
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