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  4. hello fellow lurker


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  6. I know it's incomplete and I know it looks like shit. Its a work in progress LOL
  7. *I know my title is long, it's needed for SEO* WORK IN PROGRESS ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- I made it more pretty, but it still looks like Also, it doesn't work for me, I keep getting into a loop where I need drivers but they are too old, so I need to upgrade, then they are too new. So this won't work for everyone, and is not achievable with all PC configurations. Somewhere along the line, of what I have in that paste bin, it should work for others. You don't need to do everything, so read it first.
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    Thanks bro
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    thanks bro
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    thanks bro
  11. you can retrieve data by yourself. There are programs to do that. For example Ipad Manager I used it few times. But there is a sad news. I'm not sure but most of these programs work with NTFS and FAT32 files systems. I recently tried to find something that would work with ext4 but I was unsuccessful. So, because OS X is using HFS+ file system there could be problem with software. But I can't believe that they don't exist. To sum up try to google "recovering HFS+ partition" or find program for recovering data that can work with HFS+ file system. Good luck!
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  13. Yeh just don't reply and block right away.
  14. I did reply stop but the message kept failing and wouldn't send. I rang up my provider and I was subscribed and they managed to refund the £4.50 for me I'm just scared it happening again lol
  15. Did you text STOP to the number to "unsubscribe"? From what i can tell after checking a few forums is that these services only charge money AFTER you actually text STOP to that number. It changes from spam to scam. So best solution is to IGNORE and BLOCK.
  16. On iOS 9 when I get messages like this there is a button right below the message bubble to report to Apple and block the contact from future communications. Is this no longer a feature in iOS 10? I always report these things, but I don't know why Apple would remove this ability or hide it to make it more difficult to do, as it just appeared in iOS 9. This sounds horrifying... I wish you luck in reaching a resolution and getting your money back. I would consider cancelling associated credit cards/bank accounts that could be charged. Good luck man, and really watch out once you switch to Android. This stuff is even worse on Android devices and is more targeted toward them because of the OS being more open & more widely used. Have a good day!
  17. Thanks for your reply. They've told me all they can do is put on adult content block but that only blocks 90%. I can't believe things like this can actually take your money from one click..I didn't even think I clicked on anything. Is there any type of app I can use to block this stuff mate
  18. Call your provider and ask them to disable Premium SMS services on your account. That's the best way with these scams, especially with crap like Mobidol..
  19. I got a this text saying I've subscribed to it but I've not at all. I've managed to get it canceled and refunded by 3 but they said it's something I've clicked on and it signs you up. They said they can't put blocks on it for the future i should just watch what I click on. Any ideas on stopping this completely so it can't happen again. I'm currently using iPhone 6 but I'm changing for galaxy s7 tomorrow. Thanks in advanced
  20. DEB

    Description: Here's my new theme Sanity! What you get: 4 AE's Statusbar 4 Docks CC 4 Badges Alt Icons Folder Icon Dark mod Its all for Anemone! Screenshots: Recent Changes: - Dark mod version added. (Check screenshot above) Download: Sanity.deb
  21. "Here he come to save the dayyyyy...."work perfect,thank you so much @TheClown you are the best
  22. Try the Copic button in the new Cracktool2
  23. FLEX

    The patch works fine (update 2). You need to register an account the first time, and it will work. You can also download the patched app from . You first need to link your device with a profile they supply, then go to Cydia apps > Tweaked apps where you will find the Nba tweaked app, as well as the tweaked NFL Game pass app, if you want it.
  24. FLEX

    Link here:
  25. FLEX

    Just search in Google tutuhelper install this, tutuhelper is like a little store with cracked apps and NBA si here
  26. FLEX

    I'm on iOS 8.3, NBA ver. 61209 (downloaded from Canada AppStore/, Flex2, with iApfree/iapcracker/iapcrazy/& localiapstore installed. Also, app admin(have tried downgrading but the app crashes or asks to upgrade)/app sync/ipa installer/ & ifile are installed I've VPN'd from Canada/UK/Paris/China. I got the LP but every video I play says: video cannot be played...try again later. I have not tried "cristianepv96" recommendation, what do you suggest?
  27. Finally looks like I found the forum with the real experts. I've got a similar situation to what Amoroso had... iPhone 6, stock, no jailbreak. No iphone or icloud backups. Phone decided to take a bath.... I can only get the phone to go into DFU mode. Otherwise, it loops through going on the whitescreen with apple logo, then resetting. Occasionally the RSoD will follow All I want is to transfer out the photos, I already have a new phone as it was pretty beat up already. I feel like this is my last chance at saving the pictures. Any help you ladies & gents can provide would be awesome. Cheers.
  28. All the file permission are same with iPhone, but still crash as shown in the crash log... Thank you, I will post a tutorial about this as soon as I managed to get the stocks app working....
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