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    Kempii by @Sn0wd3n
  4. Not craxking libiarrays1 1.0.6-beta-1
  5. DEB

    That's because the deb is corrupt.. ? One of the widget folders has a weird file that is causing an error. Download Kempiitheme1.deb and try again.
  6. DEB

    Thx but no themes on anemone !! ??
  7. DEB

    Description: Kempii is my first real attempt at a colorful theme. This was achieved by using simple, minimal designs and a mellow "ROY G BIV" color palette combined with a few long shadows and a bit of gradient. I truly appreciate everyone's love and support. Special thanks to @prosper406 for his contributions. Shoutout to my beta testers. Theme contains: 344 icons in initial release 3 docks (wont work on plus devices, sorry) 2 AE's by @prosper406 2 LS mods by me (originally Schnedi's) Screenshots: Download: kempiitheme1.deb
  8. DEB

    Description: Back again with a another theme! Coming at the right time just before thanksgiving! Speaking of that I would like to thank all of you that has been supporting me since "colour" I'm still learning and developing more skills to bring you guys new and improved content. but here we are yet again with a new one "NUOVO" meaning new in Italian (nu-ovo). I would like to apologize in advance for my screenshots lol I'm not jailbroken so what you'll see mainly is icons. Included: CC theme 2 status bar themes Icons Colored settings Settings Icons **coming soon** Docks**coming soon** I'm also gonna put together a few wallpapers for you to enjoy with the theme. Screenshots: Recent changes: - Alts and icon requests added. Download: Nuovo_v1.2.deb
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    thank U
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    Thank you very much!!! You are the best
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    Very nice.. thanks bro admin ???
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    thx bro ur the BEST
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    ok thanks anyway , you're DA MAN cheers
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    Don't have that wall.. :(
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    any chance for the wallpaper on the 1st pic ? thanks
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    N9 share baby ☺️
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    Description: EOS by @mpiregraphix. Compatible with Anemone only! Screenshots: Download: EOS_v2.4.1.deb EOS walls:
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    Description: Here's my new theme Sanity! What you get: 4 AE's Statusbar 4 Docks CC 4 Badges Alt Icons Folder Icon Dark mod Its all for Anemone! Screenshots: Download: Sanity.deb
  21. I ported siri to ipad 2 ios6.1.3 according to this guide. However, when I try to turn on the siri settings toggle, it closses itself automatically. How can I fix this? And one more thing, the safari and mail app will crash after I inject the "dyld shared cache" code to Any help will be appreciated, I will able to release this "spire ios6 " for iPhone 4, iPod and ipad 2 user after this issue is solved. Siri server also available via "siri authentication bypass" tweak.
  22. Nice one ads annoy the shit outa me
  23. Yes, It's just something on my end most likely. I will look more into it, thanks for this tutorial though!
  24. You are on iOS 9 right? Did you also try to remove the emoji plist file?
  25. I install everything perfectly fine for Anemone, but it seems when I go to click the button to view emoji's, the app that I am in crashes? Not too sure why.
  26. Nice one TheClown, this now works. Rep added
  27. I changed the minimumOS version in the .ipa file. They most likely added the 9.1 requirement for a reason but it's still worth a try. DownCloudTest.ipa
  28. My bad! I didn't check the requirements and it requires atleast iOS 9.1 * Topic edited. Edit: What firmware are you on? I'm not sure if the app requires 9.1 or the hack that's included in the ipa.
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