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  1. Websites that keep you logged in use cookies to store that data, when you clear "history and data" in safari your history, cookies and other data is removed. So yes you would be logged out because you've cleared that information.
  2. DB

    What are you asking exactly... You can launch the dreamboard app and select the theme you want.
  3. TextWrangler is the free not so good version of BBEdit (for a good text editor) Keka (another good program for extracting archives)
  4. 1Password, BBEdit.
  5. Welcome
  6. Might be best to contact @Boss
  7. WB

    What icon theme is this ?
  8. WB

    That's rad. Welcome to the forum!
  9. I thought they are the same team/person...
  10. That's why I said you can now
  11. There is a new feature where if a thread is 6 months old a message will show above the editor informing you that the thread is quite old and you should consider starting a new one. I think that is sufficient.
  12. You can now go to scroll down to Messenger and turn the toggle off for notification list.
  13. You are taken to the latest post.
  14. Yeah we're going to adjust that.
  15. If it continues to happen you can report it under our tracker here so that we can investigate further.