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  1. Today I tried an idea… In settings I disabled "refresh in background" and Appcake works again; all icons and all pages appear fastly… I presum an app refresh always and does a loop or takes entirely the flux … How to find suspect app?
  2. YES !!!!! One more time you saved me! I don t understand why, Often I reboot and it's the first time I needed a hard reset … So now I gonna try to resolve the appcake issue and hope write "resolved" on title of this topic. U re the best
  3. S.O.S !!!!!! I removed app, erase pref files One respring and I told me : do a reboot… and you know what ??? jbme doesn t work…!!!!!! I go on its page, clic on "do it", sometimes the window "see you other side" opens but every time I try to close it, a notif appears problem on this server this page reloads… I tried very many times S O S Friends I search on web if someone is in same case but nothing. So I supppose the reason comes from my device. Tomorrow morning I ll try again … At my job I can use my imac. Do you think I must use cydia impactor and rejailbreak? Or do you know a best idea? Hope is life… I hope in Ur knowledge You saved me many times, so one more time ? Thks U
  4. Thks , in your opinion, after I re-install by cydia ? Cause I did it yesterday remove app and pref files but issue is always here after reinstall…
  5. Nice to read all you here! Few days without InsanelyI seem months along… So like U re not gone I ll try explain a bug wich I get with Appcake. In searching in forum I see iHomer talk about same issue one year ago… I m on ios 9.3.3 iPhone SE 64 Go Since few days Appcake take a long time to open and strangest no icon of app (see screenshot)… Crash Reporter notes nothing and I tried with all tweaks disabled, different settings , safemode, 4g, 3g, wifi … I removed appli, pref filed, reinstall … I m open for any idea… Thks a lot
  6. iWidget

    Hey Bros In Ur opinion all these "full screen" widgets, do they work with 4" screen ? I would try on my SE but I m prefering to wait your advice… Thks
  7. Hey, Without anemone, the second choice works fine (But I m sure , first too) Quick and easy install, no double emoti , just perfect! iPhone SE iOs 9.3.3… If someone hesitates, do it! And enjoy Very good job
  8. Amazing ! I m coming back with a very very very big smile ! My phone is free again ! I found the process very fast; a great job… Now I ll gonna see the link about vulnerabilities … One more time iYi saved me So a very big up to U! If a day U re in south of France and U wanna fish or go boating (little wood boat), you re welcome!
  9. When I say you re the best!!! "delete the app" , I presume "pangu app"… I ll try it and I ll come back whith a big smile (I hope)
  10. Hey the best team, Today, after a reboot, impossible to launch Pangu App… It crashes each time… Perhaps one year is passed and profil expired? I don't see an other reason but if it's really the date, I think lots of users are in same case… Can you explain me how to do? Where is possible To install a new profil? Can I do it without computer ? I m at home and my iMac is where I work… Please gimme a good news with your super power
  11. Hey friends, I beg your pardon about my long absence… This week I was busy to transfer lot of old "super8" for few clients. Add music , transitions, menus of dvd etc… So I m not sure understand correctly… Tell me if I m wrong: he needs shsh saved but not actual shsh (7.1.2) , he needs shsh (iOs 6)? @iDavie : can you write the link of your tuto? I tried to find it but … Thks EDIT iDavie : I found it thks
  12. Thanks, for your time… I think TinyUmbrella needs shsh… His phone doesn t work fine, too slow and it s the reason why he would that. But I told him, with good settings, unnecessary daemons disabled and a good cleaning weekly his phone will work better.
  13. Hey the best community, One of my friends gets an iPhone 4. He wants downgrade to iOs 6 (actual iOs is 7.1.2) but he didn t save shsh. Before tell him no way, I prefer ask you. Perhaps one tool or process exists … What is your opinion? Thks for him
  14. Yes it s the reason why I ask you So I ll ty v1.0.3 and I ll see what s happen… I hope bugs are not dangerous for JB… Or better : I m waiting to install untill I really need this tweak . Thks for ur advices
  15. Hey, Last week kairos was updated (v1.0.4). In changelog we can read "bugs fix"… Do you know what bugs are fixed cause on repo is v1.0.3 I think this tweak useful. Its author got a good idea thks