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  1. Your root partition is full. There's no space left to install this package. You need to remove a few "big" tweaks or apps from cydia before installing this.
  2. I fixed it Delete the deb you just tried to install and then install this one: Emoji10_for9.0+_Anemone_Update6.deb
  3. DEB

    It looks like you have an AE enabled or you forgot to enable a Glyph switch? (Not sure)
  4. Can you please provide LittleBrother 1;6.6 deb ?

  5. Some game developers have the in-app purchases connected to a server and then LocaliApstore won't work. You need a substrate hack to hack the game. (If available)
  6. Change the one that says 9.3.2, only on the "status" file. No need to touch the status_ or status-old
  7. Open Filza and go to /var/lib/dpkg and open "status" with text viewer. Then press on the text field and press the search bar and search for: Package: firmware Then press on the next button to get to 2/2 search result. You will see this: In that section look at "Version" and see what it says. It has to be 10.1.1 but i see reddit topics that say that it can be messed up resulting in this issue. If it's not 10.1.1 then change it to 10.1.1 and save the file.
  8. Is it the Eclipse from Bigboss or from a different repo? I checked the original deb file and it all looks good as far as i can tell.
  9. Did you by any chance change your Firmware version in a plist? Like to be able to install an iOS 9 only tweak for example.
  10. Well that's worth the 36 bucks then
  11. This also seems to be legit.
  12. Error 14 could be hardware related.. :( I just found this topic with error 14 and it seemed to be a hardware issue.
  13. Try Reiboot - EM
  14. You installed the "No anemone or bytafont" version. This version has to be enabled in If you want to use the Anemone version then install the other one. (I recommend that one as it's more stable)
  15. Did you also do a reboot after changing the hosts file? And do you have a different Pc nearby?