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  1. People on 10.1.1 have the clown emoji which is weird.. I'm going to compare a few fonts today but i'm pretty sure it's something Poomsmart has to fix or add in the Emoji10 package for iOS 9+. Not much i can do right now as i'm at work with crappy wifi lol..
  2. That's so weird lol. I wonder how it is after a reboot. (Jailed)
  3. Well something is causing it What tweaks did you install recently? Like today i mean.
  4. Hmm that's not emoji related. Did you play with Anemone? There's a "No icon labels" switch in Anemone, maybe you turned it on?
  5. With iOS 10 you have to manually swap the font file. It won't work with BytaFont and by using BytaFont it got messed up now. Did you restore Emoji backup in BytaFont before removing it? Bytafont swaps the font so if you don't Restore the emoji font in BytaFont it will mess up if you delete everything. (Reason why i don't use BytaFont.) Here's the info you need for 10.1.1: (scroll down to "A note on Emoji10 for iOS 10") Or check my comment here:
  6. Device? Firmware? And what steps did you do resulting in this? I can't help if you don't provide info.
  7. I'm not even sure the one from insanelyi is from Julio... Might have been the original, but it's also outdated. Edit: The package from insanelyi is indeed the original but repacked package. Not from Julio.
  8. Remove the one from the repo and try this original deb from Bigboss. If it still shows the error i'll contacts Julio if he can crack it or add it to Cracktool. org.thebigboss.cameratweak4_1.1.2_iphoneos-arm.deb
  9. Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  10. DEB

    #Sploosh Description: Here's Sploosh, a Flat theme typical to what i do. Everything is themed from the CC to the Statusbar and this theme has many Alts which will grow in time. Download: com.krisjaydesigns.Sploosh.deb Don't forget to hit that bloody upvote button
  11. Or try Reiboot to get it out of recovery mode. But i doubt it will work. It's hard to find a fix for this as there's really no "suspect". The fact that you can't enter no substrate means there's something wrong, either hardware related or software related and not with the jailbreak or something from Cydia. Btw, make sure you force reboot during a bootloop/respringloop before trying to enter Non subtrate mode.
  12. Widget

    Yep not working, tried with XenHTML and LockHTML.
  13. WB

  14. WB

    Can you share this wall and widget? It's badass!
  15. Widget

    Description: EW.WdgtPack.7 Currently: 4 LS + 4 HS widgets (& 1 more HS in future update). LS widgets: Installed to the LockHTML directory. Apply with Xen HTML, LockHTML(3/4) or GroovyLock. Most comes with notification support. Please refer to txt file for instructions on this. HS widgets: Installed to both iWidgets & SBHTML directory. Please delete unnecessary files. Requires InfoStats 2 for battery data to show. IS2 for weather as default, weather code as fallback. *REMARKS: - LS2: Alt css available for inverted colours. - iW1: Click calendar to open the drawer of your choice. - SB1: Click the bottom clock to open drawer. If you run into problems or have questions, you can find me on twitter (@ev_ynw), or drop me an email at (Give me basic info, e.g. phone, iOS, widget number, and screenshots if any.) Screenshots: Download: com.yourepo.evelyn-ynam.ewwdgtpack7_1.2_iphoneos-arm.deb