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  1. DEB

    Description: Melancholy by the talented @tvdMD Currently 120+ apps themed and more to come. An AE is also included. Compatible with iOS 8,9 and 10. Anemone only! Screenshots: Download: com.theclown.melancholy_v1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb Enjoy! (And don't forget to hit the upvote button)
  2. Correct. And changing the dylibs doesn't work either as it still shows the popup. Best to downgrade Watusi.
  3. Popup triggered by the dylib's name.. Didn't even think of that lol! Good job
  4. Welcome to insanelyi!
  5. DEB

    You don't need to find a png for an app. Just find the BundleID. Just use one of the png files in the theme and change the name to this: it.joethefox.XBMC-Remote-large.png
  6. In Cydia or in WhatsApp?
  7. DEB

    Yeah i see what you mean. This theme does not have the alts in a seperate folder so you can't use the "change icons" feature in Anemone. This theme has the alts in the IconBundles folder next to the regular icons. You need to manually change the icon names in the IconBundles folder to change the icons. Go to /Library/Themes/Lux - Apps.theme/IconBundles Then look for an Alt you want to use. Change the name of the original icon that's currently in use. Example: to Then change the alt to the proper name. to Re-Apply theme. Note: After checking the folder, i don't see many ALTS...
  8. DEB

    Change icons how? As in alts in the theme?
  9. Ext3nder by Julioverne can do that. Install from here: I also made some instructions: Or be lazy as me and install Yalu from this Pgyer link with a cert valid till August 2017.
  10. WB

    I think it's included in Amnesia theme.
  11. Semi-Restore-Lite is an on-device tool that will unstash and remove all tweak/cydia related packages. This will not delete or remove your apps, data or settings. *This won't touch System files or other user data. *This will not fix broken system files either. *This will remove anything Cydia related except for Cydia Installer. Created by Coolstar. Usage: After install open Terminal *as root* and run: srestore10.2 Reboot and re-jailbreak after Semi-Restore is completed. Download: Semi-Restore_10.2.deb
  12. DEB

    Description: Well here we go again, one more round. I am proud to present to you my next theme Vinilo and Vinilo Naked. This will be the final chapter in my glyph theme trilogy. Vinilo is based off of a simple design with a choice limited color palette which lends itself to a visually appealing theme. The idea of this theme “Stickers” one look and I think you’ll discover the concept. Please enjoy my creation, it's because of you that I continue to create. Thank you for your support. Compatibility iOS 8/9/10 Retina iPhones/iPads What's Included: 2 icon sets (400 apps themed in each set, make sure to check the folder for alts). Settings Icons Control Center 2 Statusbar Themes Magic Dots Theme Badges 2 Zeppelin logos Dialer Theme 2 Boot logos 9 Anemone Effects 4 Docks Widget Weather Icons No Folder Grid Anemone Theme 2 Folder themes, Vinilo & Vinilo Naked. Just rename your folders with one of these colors: Aquamarine, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, Red2, Yellow. UI Sounds + 12 SMS/ Email tones. (Anticipate, Bloom, Calypso, Choo_Choo, Descent, Fanfare, Ladder, Minuet, Spell, Suspense, Telegraph, Tiptoes) Screenshots: Downloads: com.macciti.vinilo_1.2_iphoneos-arm.deb com.macciti.vinilosynchronizerdwidgets_1.1_iphoneos-arm.deb
  13. DEB

    Description: Bright and vibrant glyph theme with icons, status bar, control center, and media control themes. Compatible with iOS 8,9 and 10. Anemone only! Screenshots: Download: com.yourepo.colbyroark.lux_1.3_iphoneos-arm.deb Enjoy!
  14. WB

    Black Nux?