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  1. Yes. I kinda think I now what the problem is . I need the code resource file.
  2. Hey guys. I have an iPhone 3GS 5.1.1 carrier unlocked and jailbroken. I've noticed that my AppStore icon is missing, I've already checked with Ifile and it isint there. Lol. Is there a way of getting the AppStore without restoring my iPhone. Thanks in advance
  3. Seller: finewholesalej. . It's 45$ now
  4. 49$ just look for sellers from the USA. It only takes a day and it's super easy
  5. Thank you guys for your replies. But I bought an imei unlock thru eBay and I can confirm it works
  6. Thanks. Everyone. It didint work lol.
  7. But my iPhone came has xx180 . And I've tried iPad baseband , It bricked but I fixed it
  8. 5.1 Bb 5.16.05
  9. Hey. I recently bought an iPhone 3GS new bootroom with 8 gigs of memory, is there away to unlock it for tmobile. Thanks in advance
  10. In What file section
  11. Try remove lunch daemon its way better
  12. Get ifile then go to the the theme folder and just look for the file called weather and edit it
  13. Try restoring from an ipsw file
  14. Get remove lunch Daemons that help me out