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  1. If you have any questions dont be a stranger to the support forum ?
  2. I was having OP's piracy issue and this fixed the problem. Thanks
  3. Thats a stupid thing to say
  4. Also, I contacted the developer and he is "investigating the Asphalt 8 issues. Other games work, though." So, I'll just wait.
  5. Controllers4All tweak that lets you use other controllers as MFi controllers. For some reason iOs mucked it up on asphalt but it works on other things. No screenshots can really show anything
  6. asphalt and notifications state controller is connected. No input, look into settings. The "Gamepad" buttong is greyed.
  7. Just saying, a cracked app is a working app. iDevice wise isnt cracked, so why put it on the repo? I'm disspoint.
  8. APP

    5s 7.1 Should the status bar be missing?
  9. SAV

    Guess ill ask if anyone has a mirror. ??? Obviously supernova doesnt follow this thread.
  10. I was wondering and have searched for a while through google and cydia. I want to use TouchID on my 5s for the appstore password only, without the pesky lockscreen passcode. I know i can just get password pilot, or disable the lockscreen completely, but id rather do neither. If there isnt a tweak to allow what i want though, ill have to end up using pp. Anyway, anyone know of such a tweak? Or at least how to edit some sys files to do so?
  11. MS

    Pretty sure this is the thing: i have a 5s and am on 7.1 and i still get ads. Its ight though.
  12. Truncated sleep schedule

  13. Ah, what happened was i had entered 2, the right one and then one that didnt have the "i" in insanely"i" and that was whats doing it.
  14. Been getting this every time cydia does anything. Ive tried refresh, rebooting phone. Pretty sure last time i had this problem i deleted something in cydia folder through ifile but cant find what im supposed to do.. Can still download and install apps, but this always pops up as it reloads data. iOS 7.1 iPhone 5s
  15. In the notification center, is there a way to set certain toggles to certain slots?