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  1. clean up crap got scrapped sadness

    1. Boss


      project needs to be revived

  2. trying to find the damn clean up crap script

  3. lmao nice and yeah i agree glad you got it fixed
  4. you got a nice chick and your paying attention to words and numbers??????
  5. no permission needs to be at 755 i don't know what's wrong with his mine only needed the bios to work fine this one is tough
  6. also infiiboard if you want them all in one page and if you don't have it which i doubt infinidock
  7. DB

    lmao have you never used cydia? this repo? wow just wow
  8. Do Right And Kill Everything

  9. ohh well thank you for telling me lol
  10. i don't think you can add friends but anyway welcome to the site
  11. well also you can try creating a folder inside the roms folder called PSX try that if it doesn't fix it then i don't know what else
  12. thank you bro
  13. didn't the mame emulater need a specific file to run the roms
  14. the games sometime come as .PBP just put them in psx and it should read them like the games at there's an EBOOT.PBP thread
  15. no bins you have to try them as .PBP