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  1. DIY

    Okay so this is annoying. They want help with something then let them ask. Don't go "b*tching" at the fact it's a shit game and telling them to move onto another game. Not your call. You don't like it then you move on. I came here asking for help getting this hack sorted, I don't care for your opinion on whether the game sucks or not. Go make another thread about that. This one is in regards to the hack and getting it to work. And nabeeh. Thank you for attempting to help with the hack. Appreciate it
  2. DIY

    Don't understand why it's not working. Hrm. It's as simple as copy paste yet it still crashes . Am I meant to clear all data or something?
  3. DIY

    Don't understand why it's not working. Hrm. It's as simple as copy paste yet it still crashes . Am I meant to clear all data or something?
  4. DIY

    Doesn't work. App just crashes.
  5. DIY

    Doesn't work. App just crashes.
  6. soo a bit annoyed with the new jailbreak because I can't do sh!t w/o MS, plus it glitched my phone out big time. Ended up restoring.. =(

    1. Boss


      insanelyi tissues... Well... They never run out :D

    2. aurrum


      Thank you. I need them. THe long wait is getting to me =(

    3. LastReaver


      Still deciding whether to JB =(

  7. Forgot to mention. No tweaks or apps installed for Cydia. I did have a few but uninstalled em. Including the insanelyi app. And ran Icleaner and uninstalled that. Still happening. Anyway idea?
  8. I'm assuming these issues are due to the jailbreak but I'm not sure. Iphone 5S 64GB Instagram: It crashes. I use to be able to scroll through it w/o any crashes and now it just minimises as if I press the home button and other times it just crashes. Emjoi: it crashes when I use it. No matter the app. In messages It shows up with missing emoticons in the contact section however in the threads the emoticon shows. It also itches in the notification section. (Image included is a blank message) 3rd party lightning cables: I know, they don't have the correct or authorised apple chip installed or whatever however I've been reading a lot of people just have a pop up error. I get that ALSO some glitchyness with the phone as well. It lags. I can't type. I can't swipe. All that stuff. So I was wondering if anyone had an outcome for that? (I've purchased a genuine cable it just cost so much for a few more)
  9. Dam! Looks pretty crap with it showing like that. I never noticed till now!!! . If I were good at making tweaks I'd make make it so it wouldn't show in full screen. Here's another image for slightly better noticeability. (The one that's cut off is part of the print screened)
  10. So the top bar... While you're viewing a photo in full screen mode is it meant to show up? I've never realised it. For tweaks if they're convicting at all I only have apps. Icleaner Insanelyi app for ios7 And MS (installed it before reading up on ms not working) ----- which comes to the question as well.. Can I uninstall MS? Or will it cause some sort of issue? (Imaged attached)
  11. This is great! Thanks!
  12. Heeyyyoooo!!!! It's been a while since I've been on here! :D How is everyone :)

    1. Artixqyr2


      Welcome back Silver! Or aurrum!


    2. aurrum


      haha I can see you know what it means :) I thought Aurum was Golden? and thanks :D

    3. Artixqyr2


      Oh yea Argentum is silver lol

      Its roman or greek, also its in chemistry

  13. New beast of a computer. In Love <3

  14. I know this thread is dead... kind of but I thought I'd bunp it up again seeing I purhcased a new customer build PC Also i'm testing my Internet because I've been having trouble with timeouts etc so thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone Here's my new build. Windows 8.1 (Stupid Internet problem) Intel i7 4930k w/ Corsair H100i 16GB Vengeance Pro Ram @ 1833Mhz MSI GTX 780 Lightning 3GB GPU (buying second after price drop) 250GB Samsung EVO SSD 1TB WD Black Cavier HDD AX1200i Corsair PSU ASUS Sabertooth x79 Motherboard NZXT Switch 810 Case ASUS 27Inch 2560x1440p IPS Panel Monitor Corsair Vengeance K95 Keyboard Razer Ouroborus Mouse
  15. Oh dam! =( do you know any way of doing this then? Making BiteSMS open in the usual Message App? =(