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  1. DEB

    I been using this theme for an entire week and never changed it once! Any chance of some icon requests?
  2. DEB

    Best theme on the iPhone 5 days . Thanks for this
  3. WB

    Is that boxy beta you're using for the layout? Mind sharing the dimensions. Love the closed look. Gives the homescreen some space.
  4. WB

    Which LS is this? I had it installed and forgot. Believe I deleted it cause Infostats2 gave me reboots
  5. DEB

    I know i might sound like a prick asking for icon requests on a theme that has 501... but.... anyone?
  6. Respring *
  7. Downloaded the tweak but nothing seemed to change even after the resorting. Can anyone else confirm or tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks