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  1. how did you delete them? if you used ifile you might get lucky and have them in ifiles trash can..
  2. so the problems i found with using shc is 1) its not secure. i wrote a simple script to decode it on ios but i cant even run it because 2) shc compiled scripts are not compatible for all devices/firmwares. sometimes it just says 'illegal instruction:4' and crashes. so unless you want to re-complie as updates are released it not going to work forever. i used it for a while but found out its not worth it and now since i have some compiled scripts and no original backup i have to 'crack' my own work to get the script. i would post the script i wrote but since my unshc is throwing 'illegal instruction:4' now i have to go load ios 4 on my 3gs to use unshc on itself.. and actually i i think i may have wrote in security from running on itself... crap... its actually very simple.. it uses the ps command and using the options to show long details for commands and it shows the entire script in the line for that command.. be it postinst preinst jagoff whatever.. my script just made it easy and changed it from the single line ps output back into a script format. just play around with ps command while the compiled script is running. something like 'ps -eMo command' but thats just a guess...that was like 5 yrs ago lol
  3. i have the product key on the bottom of the computer.. but thats for vista.. so it seems that i cant click anything that has the shield symbol for uac stuff.. it always says it cant find whatever it is.. cant even format or do anything really important.. cant take ownership either.. going to try your link to 64bit thanks
  4. ok so i got another iso and it installed but its acting up.. i did a clean install and it boots up but some links are not clickable. i click them and they do nothing.. like in the control panel i can click the section headers and they work but not the links under each header. also i can run cmd as my normal user but if i try to run as admin it says could not find cmd.exe make sure you typed it right. thinking about just formatting and reinstalling another iso maybe.. whos got a good link?
  5. hmm where is the dism command? its works in cmd but i use interix a lot for any command line stuff and it usually runs my unix and windows commands but i cant find dism anywhere. interix still comes with 64 bit i hope.. heres the outpuut Index : 1 Name : Microsoft Windows PE (x86) Description : Microsoft Windows PE (x86) Size : 1,186,780,118 bytes Architecture : x86 Hal : <undefined> Version : 10.0.10586 ServicePack Build : 0 ServicePack Level : 0 Edition : WindowsPE Installation : WindowsPE ProductType : WinNT ProductSuite : System Root : WINDOWS Directories : 3050 Files : 13167 Created : 10/29/2015 - 10:49:34 PM Modified : 2/20/2016 - 7:46:08 PM Languages : en-US (Default)
  6. im just saying that when i booted from the usb when i got to the part that says do a clean install or install keeping files if i click to keep files it tells me to boot up without the install cd in the drive and then run it from within windows.. i just use 32 bit because thats what im use to.. i tried 64 once a few years ago and none "unauthorized" programs would work because they are all 32 bit and i dont want to go find new ones.. whats the benefit of 64 bit?
  7. so a few months back i made a bootable win 7 on usb thumb drive. i installed that same win 7 on my system a couple weeks ago and went and screwed up some permissions and now have trouble with installing programs and all sorts of stuff. when i view the install image its not showing as an image but as a file system and im just clicking setup in / of the usb drive. i thought it shouldnt it be an iso or something? it does the same when i view an install dvd, its just shows me the file system i went to try and reinstall the OS from that usb drive and if i boot from it it works to install a clean install but if i just want to repair the OS and keep my files it says to boot up normal and run the install from windows. when i do that i it loads the win titled windows 10 setup then when it gives me the option to select and OS is give me win 7 x86/64 and i select x86, the same one currently running but then it says i cant keep my files because its a different OS that currently installed. so im a little confused as to what its going to install.
  8. ive been trying in winscp/putty through ifunbox tunnel and just crashes when executed
  9. so i was working on updating my App Back Script to back up selected apps data and restore any of the data back to the app work on 8.3.. well something made dir/dir/dir/dir/dir over and over.. 756,000 of them and now anything i try to delete it with crashes.. i was able to move it to ifiles trash but now ifile crashes when i try to clean trash.. what ever terminal crashes when 'rm -rf ./*' or i even tried file by file with 'for dir in $(find -type d); do rm -rf $dir; done' and winscp and ifunbix crash also.. and no only crashes when trying to delete but even 'updatedb' crashes and anything that searches or read ifiles Trash.. so any ideas
  10. you're my hero! it worked.. mostly.. it didnt work at first, some of files had weird permissions.. thats one thing i dont like about ifunbox is it changes stuff.. but its functioning and usable so i could care less that my battery % characters are all ????.. but thanks a million! id buy you a beer if your in the bay area.. and over 21 lol
  11. i think so as long as its on ios 8
  12. anyone wanna help out and upload a zip of '/System/Library/Fonts' for ios 8.1.2 iPhone5s? i hate using this galaxy s3.. its so stupid
  13. yes i have full access with ifile, winscp and putty.. while im trying to fix it it is just annoyingly vibrating every 5 seconds when springboard restarts.. probably why im so aggitated with it well not quite FULL access.. i get this when i try to move the fonts back mv: cannot open `/var/Fonts/Cache/_H_Optima.ttc' for reading: Operation not permitted mv: cannot open `/var/Fonts/Cache/_H_Palatino.ttc' for reading: Operation not permitted mv: cannot open `/var/Fonts/Cache/_H_PartyLET.ttf' for reading: Operation not permitted and this is what is telling me its the fonts.. this and the fact that i ran my scripts that moved them to begin with.. Mar 1 17:37:00 brc5s SpringBoard[638]: (Note ) MC: User has completed cloud configuration. Not showing UI again. Mar 1 17:37:00 brc5s SpringBoard[638]: CoreLocation: Could not get ideal gyro update interval, assuming 0.005000 s Mar 1 17:37:00 brc5s SpringBoard[638]: color context with dimensions {59.5, 82} @2.000000x does not fit in 'iconImages' memory pool - returning nil Mar 1 17:37:01 brc5s SpringBoard[638]: (Note ) MC: User has completed cloud configuration. Not showing UI again. Mar 1 17:37:01 brc5s backboardd[45]: ALS: SetDisplayFactor: factor=1.0000 Mar 1 17:37:01 brc5s SpringBoard[638]: Critical failure: the LastResort font is unavailable. Mar 1 17:37:01: --- last message repeated 71 times --- Mar 1 17:37:01 brc5s SpringBoard[638]: *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'CALayerInvalidGeometry', reason: 'CALayer position contains NaN: [0 nan
  14. so i moved my fonts to /var and linked back to /System/Library/Fonts and now the stupid phone isa stuck in a boot loop cuz it seems it wont read the symlinks location and it wont let me move them back until i can unlock it.. i cant unlock it till i get out of the boot loop.. im hoping i can just drop some files in with ifile.. it has worked with other files so far.. blah.. now i wait \0.o/
  15. yes i know that it needs to be toggled off and on after restarts, thats what the pop up says.. but once is enough i dont need it telling everyone i have smsninja installed.. not very ninja like to just put it on blast like that