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  1. Tyler, thank you for the follow up. I followed your advise and removed iCleaner Pro but ultimately did a restore from backup to last week. I now have Cydia Installed and Cydia Changes todate showing very well. I also dealt with not connecting to WiFi at home but that was a simple network reset. I appreciate Your recommendations which jump started my fix I am very grateful. Dr. Joe
  2. I removed iCleaner Pro and rebooted. Now I can see what I installed on Cydia as well as recent. That's good! When I go to Changes and refresh it is showing me 7/17 and today, 7/20 does not come up ? Maybe nothing new. I added Apple File Conduit 2 to see if it will help. I do not want to rejailbreak but 7.1.3 with JB Patch may come and Apple will close 7.1.2 . Just uncertain if I've fix all I can. I appreciate the help.
  3. Tyler, Cydia does not show installed when I look for the recent then installed. How do deleted files return just by uninstalling the iCleaner Pro app? I have always relied on the reboot but now it doesn't seem to fix my Cydia issue. I'm removing iCleaner now and hoping it will replace what it took out. Thank you. Joe
  4. iPhone 5s, 7.1.2, Pangu v1.1 JB. Recently started to see some errors with Cydia not snowing installed Apps. This may be due to my use of iCleaner Pro and file cleaning. Daemons may have been remove that are required or a new Cydia tweak or app may be interfering with the way Cydia shows. I can remove iCleaner, CUC, SysClean, and use iLEX RAT to start over but I may need to rejailbreak and start over. If anyone has input to help, please post a reply thank you. The forum has some very experience members and I have respect for all. Dr. Joe
  5. Aloha, You have way more apps than that itty bitty device's ram wants to deal with. Pick the top twenty apps you like and delete the rest. Use " Clean Up Crap " with your files and reboot. I am sure that will fix you up. Pop
  6. Please let me ask if you have tried to download the iOS to desktop as well as the newest Jailbreak the restart your PC, install latest iTunes, empty recycle bin, restart PC and try fresh install from PC not OTA. You can search your PC or Device for an older backup. Then tweak what you no longer need. Sounds like you did the upgrade from OTA which I have read is not the best way.
  7. I did an fresh upgrade on the iPhone 5 and then used the Evasion7 1.0.6 to untether JB. It was easy and it works very well. This gave me a chance to get rid of all the apps and tweaks that I no longer needed. The battery life seem much better to me now. Edit: I initially did this upgrade and jailbreak on my iPhone 5s which is also running very well and has much better battery life.0
  8. I have done a fresh install of iOS 7 1.0.6 and JB with Evasion7 1.0.6. on iP 5s. All is good. Has anyone JB iP 5 this way without issues ?
  9. Temirlan, Lighten up. RypeDub is being straight with his solution and it's basis trial on error. Don't give up; try resolving by changing the equipment your using rather than your method. If your problem was major, it would be on every jailbreak forum. Give it another shot. You'll get it the way it should be.
  10. I'm not sure they have workable exploits that can be used at this point for JB utility on 7.1.
  11. Logical, thank you.
  12. Will Evad3rs release iOS 7.1 JB or has anyone seen any news about this ?
  13. Thank you Hatty, I am pretty sure that had happened but thought the restart would not hurt. Does seem that it worked for me. I also did a backup on iCloud. I have the i0s 7 app sync installed.
  14. I did a hard power down and restart and the app came back together with SB Settings. Not sure why ? Guess the Evasion upgrade had something to do with the issue. I select the iOS 7 Insanelyi App from Cydia and installed prior to the restart . Thank you, it is good to have it back. I was lost without the information available on the site concerning everything about the Evasion 7 JB and Upgrades. I hope my experience helps others.
  15. After JB upgrade on Jan. 12th, my Insanelyi App is gone and when I DL from Cydia it is not showing up on Springboard. Any help would be welcome.