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  1. I don't have it
  2. is this tutorial good or not
  3. what's "shsh2"
  4. there isn't any way to reinstalle ios 10.2
  5. ok thank you guys so much
  6. what are the chances of getting a jailbreak ? and how can i restore to 10.2.1 sinse i can't even connect it to my pc or open it??
  7. i rebooted and again same problem
  8. i left it for one hour but it still stuck there
  9. it stoped again in the and just millimeters from the end
  10. still stuck
  11. I did what you told me and it's respringing but it freezede again hhh i can't belive this luck
  12. am I going to lose ios 10.2
  13. I had it for one minute and then deleted it after seeing what people are suffering from
  14. The problem is worse i can't installe or delete any app
  15. ?