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  1. While you are here. Do you have a solution for this? Sometimes icons get a bit jumbled but if I swipe to a different page it fixes it.
  2. You sir are the salt of the earth. Has that been a problem for others? If so, do you know the root cause?
  3. You are a legend. THANK YOU so much! Do you want a payment from PayPal or Venmo or anything ?
  4. For some reason it says I live in Cayman Islands, I live on the East Coast U.S
  5. 8.3
  6. I have been jailbroken for 3 years or so. I think after so many years of installing packages something has gone wrong. My device's time zone is wrong. Yes, I checked location services. Yes, I know I can do a manual time but for some reason it does not change the time across all of the devices applications. Anyway I can change the file for the time in terminal? I would be willing to pay for a solution.