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  1. I need 3 certain files from the in 7.1 beta 3. I need the General.plist, Settings.plist , and iconCache@2x.artwork. If you can help, please.
  2. Tried the fix, multiple times, did nothing.
  3. @Boss Read Write Execute and user group is mobile
  4. I installed App Sync last night and removed it immediately, and now when I try to install apps from the App Store, it gives me a loading circle and does nothing. IPhone 5 running 7.0.4
  5. Hmm, mine seems to be working fine.. Have you tried a restore?
  6. Turn your iDevice on and off again. That should help. I had the same problem, it took 4 reboots to get 17 photos back.
  7. Tennessee reporting! Welcome! Please tel me I'm not the only one who laughed at "looking to go deeper"
  8. Restoring wont work. If you don't have a legit SIM from AT&T, you can't use these features. SAM fixes this, and allows you to fix Push, iMessage, FaceTime, and Find My iPhone. As well as all the other things. Google it, it works.
  9. Is there anyway I can get an untethered jailbreak? I really need it
  10. So can I use Phone without paying?
  11. You do have to pay for it, i guess why that's why it doesnt work.
  12. I can't get the calling to work, at all.
  13. Sull says he likes my package.

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      is sull checkin out your samboner?? perv

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      sull touched my samboner, i was scared.

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      Commit yourself nowww

  14. WB

    Does anyone know what this dock is? And if so please, help me, I really like this.
  15. Poof works, as well as libhide. When you hide something, you must go into safe mode then respring twice.