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  1. the biggest downside of apple products all their battery are not replaceable =(
  2. lol what is the point changing the ssh password? lol don get it
  3. thx this is very helpful..been annoying much by the failed installations =(
  4. WB

    HD themes are draining battery more than the normal isnt it?
  5. WB

    this theme is awesome and so good looking!!!
  6. lots people commented that 4.1 has the greatest battery life and animation due to the less features compare to 4.3.3
  7. about the daemon it automatically delete the daemons or we have to key in the command in the terminal?
  8. which means the icon no more nice looking? is this going to have great impact on battery life? better?
  9. ok cool i don need to install fakeoperator and fakecarrier that uses the mobilesubstrate anymore
  10. gaming becomes very lag after i edited the plist..its the itune and location plist
  11. lol think about it..its gonna drain your battery in no time lol wifi+download