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  1. okay fellas no one replied here but i found the solution at another site it was simple i just had to remove the gs apple thing from the host file.. now everything is working great
  2. hi guys, last night i installed siriport.ru using i fun box auto installer. then i open my cydia and i found a new update for siriport.ru i updated it. and it stuck on the respring spinning wheel. i tried to hard reset it.. now its stucked on the apple logo. i tried to remove some files manually from i fun box but nothing worked for me. then i finally tried to restore it. i put my fone into DFU mode and tried to restore it by the shift thing using ios 5.0.1 but it give me error 1600 I tried to restore it on two computers nothing worked for me i used the original firmware 5.0.1,, re download it again it didnt work. then i let my i tunes to download the firmware by itself but it also gave me the same error 1600 i even used ireb to fix error 1600 but i didnt help as itunes was not responding and was stuck on preparing iphone for the restore i tried just boot now using redsnow it gave some weird codes running on the iphone screen and in the end i got this (no successful firmware download after 60000 ms. Giving Up!) my iPhone is factory unlocked on ios5.0.1 please help me.. every time i try to restore i get this error 1600 my cable is alright nothing is wrong with my pc i am using windows 7 here is my LOG pastebin log
  3. i dont know why is this happening. sometimes when i restart my iphone after installing any tweak or app from cydia.. springboard show all icons. everything goes correct unless i restart it
  4. hi fellas,, i jailbroke my iphone 4 on ios 5 using redsnow. it was a success but when i install tweaks from cydia i got blank white icons for installous and etc.. i restart my ifone using redsnow boot tethered now option but again installous and other cydia apps icons were blank white.. however the cydia icon was alright..
  5. cant we upgrade it by dfu mode and then shift plus click key to manually choose the ipsw ios 5 firmware
  6. guys,, i have an iphone 4 factory unlocked phone. on 4.3.3. i want to upgrade it to ios5. please advise me should i upgrade my iphone. and please tell me can i get cydia on it. i mean jailbreak it.?? and what are the tools required to upgrade to ios5 and jailbreak.. i repeat my iphone is factory unlocked
  7. i have an iphone 4 factory unlocked.. should i go for it? and what about jailbreak??
  8. Welcome
  9. well i am looking for something that show my display on pc when i am using iphone specially when i am playing games.. those vnc apps does not give such a good quality as video also lags..
  10. well i am looking for something that show my display on pc when i am using iphone specially when i am playing games.. those vnc apps does not give such a good quality as video also lags..
  11. i tried screen spliter from cydia with idemo on pc. its good to show iphone display. but when it comes quality. i mean i tried playing games on it but the video was laggy. it was not up to the mark. i want to view full screen on pc is it possible.. and can anybody tell me how steve jobs used to project the things from his iphone on wwdc
  12. hi, can anybody tell me how to view iphone display on pc.. actually i want to see my iphone on pc via standard usb data cable. i use some apps which i want to see on big screen.. on my pc.. please dont suggest me to buy HDMI cable and view my iphone on tv.. i am using iphone 4 .. 4.3.3 jailbroken and windows pc core i 5
  13. Lol. I'm dying to get iPhone 5 . HoPe they release the gadget soon.
  14. Actually i bought the fone on a plan. its 59 $ Connect Plan. as far as i am paying them they are happy to unlock my iphone ,
  15. hey sull body.. telstra in Australia unlock my iphone on a request. i had to visit Pakistan. so i call them and ask if they can help. They did unlock my iPhone 4