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  1. Anybody facing the same issue ?
  2. As shown on the image below, I find it really annoying to not see the full name of the app on the left. Sometimes I am unable to figure out the name of the app at all.. Is there any way to extend the display panel for the apps to see the full name ? I tried double clicking, right clicking.. nothing works.
  3. Ahh now that you mention iapcrazy.. The full screen ads seems to occur with higher frequency after installing iapcrazy sometime back. I will try uninstalling it and see what happens. In any case, how the heck does iapcrazy cause other apps to spawn ads ?! Isn't this some potential security flaw or something.
  4. No, I am referring to the Mailbox app, an email app. Not the default Mail app. Strangely, after installing Firewall iP 7 to attempt to take note of the connections used for the ads, the ads stopped displaying.
  5. I realised that my current iPhone consistenly displays fullscreen ads when I open the email app - Mailbox. However, this does not occur when I use Mailbox on my older iPhone. Additionally, I have been facing serious ad redirection problems from ad domains such as and . I have checked whether if my iPhone is infected with the AdThief adware reported earlier this year, but it isn't. I do not have any 'spad.dylib' file present in my iPhone. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Nope, I did a clean re-install.
  7. I realised that the default bookmarks (WIkipedia,Disney) etc were in Chinese and points to the china version of the site.. Does anyone encounter this issue ? I jailbroke my phone with Pangu v1.2.1.
  8. Hey, welcome to Insanelyi.
  9. Activating 2 step verification for your emails ( if your email provider supports it ) helps a long a way in securing your email account. Of course, there is no such thing as 100% security, but we should do what we can to enhance security of our accounts
  10. Haha finding opportunity in everything eh ? :D
  11. By default in iOS 7, timestamps are shown for each message just by swiping left in your message thread. :dead:
  12. Hey guys, this appears to be a bug in the default cydia repos installed by evasi0n7.. The cydia package files are old or something. I encountered the same issue when I re-jailbroke for iOS 7.0.6. ( Well, I prefer doing restores for each iOS update ) Simply download "iCleaner" , Enable cleaning for ALL tabs with the word "Cydia", and reload Cydia. The appropriate update will appear. Update the required packages and it will be back to normal.
  13. Just save the Documents and Library folder for any App store app you wish to backup. :D
  14. Haha yes, you are right. Pardon the misunderstanding of the term "bricking" .
  15. Well I *did* actually brick my phone once before.. Some damn theme from Modmyi ( Yes, an official repo ) caused perma-black screen even after reboots. But the chance is really rare.