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  1. You're welcome, just press the rep button.
  2. Of course you guys all know how to download extra maps and put them to /var/mobile/Applications/, but the GameLoft server will check if they are illegal or not, so here is how to bypass: Open iFile and navigate to /var/mobile/Applications/ Touch the Blue Arrow next to Documents Floder, Scroll down to Access Permissions, uncheck anything in Group and World. So this means, Gameloft still knows the DLC is illegal but cannot do anything. Enjoy guys. Bonus: Nova2 multiplayer maps: Credit:
  3. Warning: my iphone 4 4.3 lags like hell after delete some daemons, Dont Recommend it, just remove the crash plist.
  4. WARNING: After remove some safe daemons, my iphone 4 4.3 lags like hell!
  5. Is the daemontools safe for iphone 4 4.3?