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  1. It works but the den file also works Copy string from Twitter post
  2. This happens time and time again how hard is it to make sure the previous owner handles all that befor a buyer releases funds
  3. Thanks crazy
  4. i installed appbutton and it doesn't seem to be working... At all. Does anyone know of any conflicts that would keep this from functioning ?
  5. Confusing... Are you getting an empty springboard? No safari no phone no mail no gay center? You did try holding both buttons until you got the itunes icon I'm assuming
  6. Your first 2 lol
  7. Respect points
  8. Thanks Breh I hooked you up with some green Dopeness points much obliged
  9. Got it!! I went int springtomize and set dock I count count to "default" then changed the number I needed within infinidock
  10. I don't use infonifolders im gonna play with sprongtomize settings like you suggested
  11. I tried that nothing happened then I disabled springtomize all together and it works. So it's somthing within springtomize
  12. Here