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  1. But since I'm not into subliminals, i'm talking to you D3@TH!

  2. Apparently peope don't know that people aren't gonna download something unless you make it clear what it is

  3. Everything you need to know is in the zip man reread the guide and you'll understand

  4. I don't see the "how to" part
  5. Well, I went through the list one by one and performed each action as noted and here's my experience 1. I used backgrounder the first time I jb my device (64gb 3g iPT 4.3.3) but I have since found MultiFlow and I prefer it. 2. Just based on the description I was pretty sure I already had a tweak or tweaks installed that perform the functions listed but I went ahead and installed it anyway. Upon respring I noticed my device booted into safe mode. I've had my device for a year or two now and not at any time the first time I jb it (a month or so after getting it) or this time I jb it (2 weeks ago) has it ever done that.....until installing MyOS. Not yet convinced it wasn't just some sort of fluke I went ahead and continued on with the tweaks and every time I resprung I was in safemode. Needless to say, MyOS got the boot and I haven't resprung into safemode since. I'm not exactly sure which tweak I have that performs these functions, but i'm sure I have one cause I remember turning off voice control. I'll stick with that. 3. I love FE! Makes my iPT feel brand new again and, like someone mentioned above, I actually prefer the look when the folders open w/no background image or border. Very nice, and snappy! 4. I read through the thread first before I started doing these tweaks and noticed SI was suggested over FCU so I installed that instead. Whoa! Pretty impressive. I don't even know if there are any settings to be messed with on this tweak but I didn't even have to check for them cause the speed increase was very noticeable upon respring. Starting to fall in love with my iPT again. 5. I didn't do this cause it was something I had already disabled with a tweak already installed....I haven't bothered to find out exactly which one that is but i'm 100% sure i've already done this......Springtomize maybe??? 6. Sometimes you just gotta compromise....this is one of those things that I just have to deal with. I much prefer the super clean, custom, crisp look of my custom modified theme than the speed I stand to gain by ditching it. Theme 1, Speed 0 7. Not applicable since I have an iPT 8. Installed and rebooted....the only thing I really noticed is that the round doolywad that usually occupies the center of my screen (kind of like a round cursor, that continuously cycles around and around) when I respring/reboot, was not there. It's not a big deal to me either way cause when it is there I simply swipe the screen once and it goes away. Overall, very helpful tips here that have made my painfully slow device previously, noticeably faster and more responsive. Thanks to all who contributed to this, i'm loving my iDevice again. It's hard to believe it's the same device, I wish you could see the smile on my face.