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  1. Nop, they already took it out, can't see it anymore
  2. yess, i hate you btw hahaha, i cant get it working
  3. Thero, how could him get the tweak installed, with out been a VIP member... ??
  4. you can't, you have to host it somewhere, then put the link in here.
  5. Ok, Thanks
  6. Are you sure?, because there's another package in the VIP section called GC3, which i could install with out any prob.., and it says VIP too..
  7. I already tried restoring, and all of that... haha, nothing works HEELPP
  8. It's public already , and refreshing didn't work =/
  9. Please Help me, i havent be able to install this tweak, I have a White iPhone 4s with the lastest firmware. HELP!!!!