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  1. WB

  2. 10.1.1 isn't signed by Apple anymore, you have to update to 10.2
  3. Check that lightning port for lint!
  4. WB

    I like milk
  5. Try installing "dpkg check" from our repo
  6. You need to crack it before you can install/use it on a device! You can do that with "clutch" (can be found on our repo)
  7. Check C:\Windows\ for a file called "MEMORY.DMP" and C:\Windows\Minidump for any kind of file, upload and post them here.
  8. Totally going to downgrade my iPhone 2G to iPhone OS 1.0 with this :D
  9. You need to expand the folder...
  10. You are completely right
  11. Just right click on the folder within the "Pictures" library and remove it. The contextmenu entry should be something like "Remove from Library".
  12. WB

    Skeumorphism is back!
  13. You already created a thread for this. No need for a duplicate. ~Closed
  14. WB

    Already back to something more iOS-like