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  4. You don't have a lot installed from what I see. Like the users above have said above, the battery drain is always a problem and adding theming is another taxing add on. Besides the usual battery saving techniques and if yoi want to remain themed, I'd recommend disabling the HTML animated parts of the themes. Try running without the animated LS and the SB weather widgets. BiteSMS on ios 5 is a battery whore also. I replaced it with ISX/Messages+. It comes all in a package for $10 on Cydia.
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  6. I never took the time to understand what respringing actually does besides restarting the shell but I'm sure some sort of cache clearing is in effect but I'm not completely sure. I know if you also do a settings reset by going to settings-general-reset and click reset settings, your settings will be cleared, of course, and apple has its own sort of 'respringing.' When the phone is back up, the usage shows a - also.
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