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  1. hi, zephyr was on the repo of insanelyi. but not anymore? where can i get a legit updated source or repo of Zephyr. thank u!
  2. jus buy an iphone.. -_-
  3. [quote name='ᎥɴsʌɴεʟʏᎥ' timestamp='1348192061' post='90985'] Check the official unlock link above. [/quote] ey. what happens if i have an iPhone from another netowork like overseas (Philippines GLOBE Telecom locked) not from AT&T. cuz in the requirements for unlocking that its supposed to be from AT&T.... but its not mines from Philippines....
  4. What requirements does AT&T need to unlock an iPhone?
  5. How bout AT&T? But idk a reason
  6. if i input a apple sim tray slot will it work? i lost mine but can easily get one. 1. How do i know if i have activation tickets from SAM? i got Wildcard working? does it mean i do? 2. Am i able to flash it back to 04.10.01 :fuck: 3. Am i fucked with an iPhone turnt iPod. +1 with helpful replies.
  7. Well hello everyone, I recently upgraded from my 5.0.1 on 4.10.01 to 5.1.1 on 04.12.01. i downloaded the 5.1.1 build 9b208 firmware on this site and shift+restored it and it upgraded to the settings 5.1.1 04.12.01, then i jailbroked it thru redsnow. im using gevey sim cuz its Factory Locked. I dont see any bar signals or any . only No Service/Searching. i am using SAM WildcardActivated. but i dont have [i]activation tickets[/i]--(or idk what that means if i do or dont have activation tickets? ). but it says WildCardActivated the status. it shows up and recognizes my iPhone on iTunes its activated cuz i used SAM but no bar signals it says No Service, shows my phone number. still no bar signals. is there a workaround here? [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]it is currently on: [color=#ff0000][b]iPhone 4 16gb black[/b] [b]BB 04.12.01[/b] [b]FW 5.1.1 used and jailbroke it with RedSnow.[/b] [b]using a Gevey Sim also[/b][/color][/font] [b]I'd like some great help here. [color=#00ff00]+1[/color] who can help me real well. i just want my iPhone to work and not work as an iPod. [/b]
  8. WB

    yea it'd be coo ^ ^
  9. What's up
  10. just seen this pretty cool
  11. thank u for the reply
  12. Title says all. Does anyone know how to embed emoji 2 on iphone 4? with no jailbreak and all.
  13. heard that it unlocks iphones on 5.1.1? legitski? :ninja:
  14. iPhone 4 baseband on 02.10.04 currently on 4.1 currently on Gevey Sim i want to preserve my baseband and update to 5.0.1... is it possible to preserve BB but update to 5.0.1? +1 who can help/replies :laughing: