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    Did JB 3.1.2, 3.1.4, 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.1, 4.2.5, 4.3, 4.3.1, 4.3.3, then back to 4.1... all was peachy until a few weeks ago, I was forced to upgrade to 5.1.1... Now jumping back and forth between iOS 5.1.1 and 4.1. trying to figure out how to keep my tweaks in the iDevice without losing the Push Notification certs.
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  2. I KNEW IT!!! I KNOW IT IS NOT THE BATTERY I KNEW IT IS APPLE AND THE COMM CENTER PATCH!!! JEEZ WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!! From the way the iPhone behaved *before* jailbreak.. when you restore the iPhone 3GS.... the old battery functions JUST FREAKING FINE!!!! Only when you open Cydia. ONLY WHEN YOU OPEN CYDIA ON THE OLD BOOTROM DEVICE.
  3. A rule of the simplest earthly courtesy is to say THANK YOU first, or some kind of encouragement, before giving advice to someone who did hard work. Starting off bluntly and ending abruptly like that rubs most people the wrong way. You're um.. young, aren't you?
  4. After a few weeks of close observation I'm still seeing sudden unexpected shutdowns at roughly 50% battery life or above, ONLY WHEN CONNECTED to cellular or wifi networks. I fly for work and use the iPhone until very low percentage battery life (I'd see red percent digits in the statusbar) while it's on "airport mode", meaning WIFI and cellular network both turned off. But when I land and the iPhone connects to T-mobile, BOOM it shuts down IMMEDIATELY. Just today, I tried again to restore and start anew, and then the iPhone worked fine until 5% and I recharged it a little bit so it would go up to approximately 60%. Then, I connected to wifi and cellular, it immediately shut down again and I caught a glimpse of something of interest. I had installed tweaks from Glasklart and Springtomize so that the lockscreen would always show a large image of the battery level. I saw the battery level at 2% for a second after I plugged the iPhone again and watched it boot up. The lockscreen went black momentarily and showed again, this time registering 60%. It appears that there is a concealed battery trick installed somewhere that fools the iPhone into thinking it has low battery life and shuts down while the actual battery life is just fine. That would explain why it shuts down while connected to networks and functions perfectly fine while not.
  5. 12-STEP PROCEDURE FOR 3GS USERS WHO WISH TO INSTALL 5.1.1 AND ACTIVATE WITH iMESSAGE WORKING [re-edited from 10-step to 12-step] Read everything first, so you have all items ready before commencing this procedure. Do not use any stuff you have from before, but download again the latest RedSn0w from iphone-dev.com, the 3Gs 5.1.1 firmware from www.felixbruns.de, and also Absinthe 2.0.4 and TinyUmbrella 5.11.01 from thefirmwareumbrella.blogspot.com before you prepare your folder on the desktop and verify or fix the iTunes hosts file. Please Google the latest (use the Show Search tools in the left column to select hits from the past month or year. HERE WE GO: 1. Make sure # is before gs.apple.com in your iTunes hosts file (in /private/etc in OSX; google for enabling root "wheel" permissions to your so-called "administrator" handle). 2. Use Tiny Umbrella to kick your iPhone out of the respring loop. Make sure the software "log" shows you're in DFU mode. First you will see "DFU" mode at the top of the log when you connect, but go into DFU after you connect, to make sure you see it appear in the log. THEN hit "fix Recovery". Let it reboot. I'd see four lines: some errors and the last line saying GreenPois0n initialized. 3. Close Tiny Umbrella and leave the iPhone connected. Open RedSn0w from inside a folder on your desktop called "PwnageTool 5.1.1" (that you should have prepared before this procedure). You'd see "NO_BB_iPhone2,1_5.1.1_9B206_Restore.ipsw" create inside the folder. Then, Select IPSW: the file you downloaded from felixbruns. That's a cloak to tell iTunes you're restoring to the firmware. Pwn DFU with RedSn0w, and then when it says you're ready to go, then close RedSn0w. 4. Open iTunes, hold down "alt/option" button mouse-click on Restore. You'd select from the pop-up menu: the NO_BB_iPhone ripsaw you created in the folder. Let iTunes do the work, and you'll have a new system installed. There is no Cydia because you're not jailbroken yet, but you're able to activate your iPhone this way. If you have any ATT SIM card (active or inactive), use it now to activate. 5. In iTunes, try to "right-click" on your iPhone in the left column and select "backup". This creates a new backup of your current activation. After it's done, disconnect from iTunes. But if you can't "right-click" on the iPhone in the left colum in iTunes, then just set up as New iPhone in the central window of iTunes. It will sync without feeding anything from any previous backups. 6. Disconnect the iPhone, take out the whatever AT+T SIM card, and slide to unlock and go into your iPhone. For the setup, and select NO for location services. Select your WIFI and make sure your iPhone is connected. STOP right there, and go back to the Welcome screen. It's ok if you can go as far back to Location Services. 7. Open Absinthe 2.0.4 (from GreenPois0n.com) on Desktop, then connect your iPhone. Click on Jailbreak. (You may need to disconnect and reconnect the iPhone via USB). Absinthe Jailbreak button will activate, click it, and let the program run its course. Don't do anything while Absinthe does its work. I mean, leave the computer and the iPhone alone, sit tight, and wait it out. After it's done (2 minutes), force-quit Absinthe, and disconnect the iPhone again. 8. Slide to unlock. For the Apple ID, click on skip (lower right corner), Click on Agree. Do not Send Diagnostics and Usage. Use your iPhone and see the SpringBoard. Reconnect to the computer with iTunes (before or after, no matter) and "right-click" on your iPhone in the left column again and select Restore from Backup. Select the MOST recent backup from just five minutes ago, and be sure to unselect the two options in the main central window ("sync with Contacts" and "with Apps"); you'll do those later. After iTunes is done syncing (should be brief), disconnect your iPhone from the computer again, and you may have to go through the Apple ID and Agreement all over again in the iPhone. You're all done with the jailbreaking process now. 9. If you don't want stuff from Cydia,you can just install Ultrasn0w from Cydia (and for unofficial carriers, you may need to install TetherMe also). Go into Settings > General > Network > Cellular Network. (If you had inserted an ATT SIM card, then either at Network or at Cellular Network, RESET the Network Settings twice.) Feed the Cellular Network Settings with your settings and be sure to keep 3G on, and turn on Roaming Services. Reboot. Let it return to SpringBoard before inserting your SIM card. [subset 9a]. For T-mobile on iPhone 3Gs, please go to SinfuliPhone.com and see the Windows instructions in how to do the ipcc carrier. I posted instructions in the Mac OSX version. In order to make your iTunes select the ipcc on yoru desktop, you need to su root in Terminal or at least acquire root/wheel authority in your administrator account chmod 777 the ipcc on your desktop. The ipcc link is there ready to download, and this process is generally simple. IGNORE the backspace.jp CommCenter patch - it only works for the Japanese phone carrier SoftBank. My iPhone 3Gs has been functioning fine with GPS, iMessage, and everything is peachy. You're all done! 10. Now, for the tricky part with installing cracked apps/tweaks without using Cydia. You can use Cydia to install free packages, but be careful with the popular paid apps or tweaks because if you don't pay but install from another repo, you might trigger a change in your iPhone and lose activation. Open Cydia for the system to build the folders in /var/root and elsewhere. Close Cydia. Open Cydia again, and search for OpenSSH and let the packages download in Cydia. You may need to close Cydia once again and re-open Cydia to be able to install. 11. You should have had all your debs saved from Insanelyi repo DebianSaverLaunchDaemon or something like that to save all the packages you installed during the previous time. This is the time to reinstall the sources list and the debs (packages), so that you would not have to install them through Cydia and trigger something that would cause your iPhone to go into reboot loops. Install OpenSSH through Cydia. This package also installs SSL, so you'd be installing two packages. Then, install all APT packages: APT, apt7, apt7-lib, apt7-key, apt7-ssl. 12. Use CyberDuck or other SFTP (SSH) file transfer software. Create a folder named Cydia at /var/root, and then inside the new Cydia folder create another folder named AutoInstall. These two folders are case-sensitive, so be sure to capitalize Cydia and oddly AutoInstall, not Autoinstall. Place the source list package and all your .deb packages there and reboot. This works as smoothly as Thai silk. Be sure to install CertificateBackup and get the .7z file out from /Library/CertificateBackup (read the instructions with the package in Cydia). After you're done installing, you can right-click restore from backup in iTunes again like you did before, so to regain activation. Then, install the CommCenter Patch from iPro: http://www.myrepospa...patch_for_iOS_5 Everything will work just great with push, iMessage, and even Facetime. ======================== Voilà! I hope this helped you all 3Gs users.. I've had to restore an outrageous number of time over seven weeks, and this procedure seems to work the best so far. =========================== P.S... a note for the developers. Like with PwnageTool and Sn0wBreeze, we should be able to pre-install the OpenSSH package with RedSn0w (hint-hint). So this above procedure is a workaround in some way.
  6. Bonjour à celui de Maurice.. ajouter le repo "iphonedelivery.advinux.fr/cydia" et ensuite ajouter ce package.. je ne sais pas si tu utilise le firmware plus récent ou.. si c'est vieux, tu ferais mieux d'ajouter la version ancienne v. 0.3.7..
  7. Adam, did you mean to leave the device on 3g forever? It will work that way, no more reboot loops?
  8. It'd be nice to get a step-by-step procedure. The cryptic language is not clear. I already tried Snowbreeze 2.9.5 and 2.9.6 several times, used 3G and skipped the Apple ID part. This time I never connected to iTunes after restore, and still got boot loops. Something is wrong with installing through Cydia. Something inside Cydia is triggering the reboot loops, disappearing apps, and other things.
  9. Here I am back from the dead.. It has been five weeks and eight RESTORES... Most of the times I restored 5.1.1, but also 4.1 at times. Both firmwares would show the same type of problems with tweaks and apps from Cydia: something would trigger a change in my system and then the device would start shutting down at 50% and then I'd slip into reboot loops. How do you stop the reboot loops? I know holding the volume up button and then there's the Safe Mode.. but that is not the interface I want to work with everyday. I have AppSync from Insanelyi, Installous 4, even with Hackulous security.. but these have nothing to do with the tweaks and apps from Cydia. This time I did it from Icy, and the repos through there.. Kicked the Boss and all, but still went into a reboot loop just now. What am I doing wrong? Last year I was in total bliss with 4.1 and paid for some apps and tweaks.. I did enjoy testing some apps and finding conflicts, helping people fix their programs, and so on.. but now my hands are cut off. Did try Redsn0w 0.9.12b1 first, Pwnagetool 5.1.1, and now Sn0wbreeze 2.9.5 via Windows.. Funny thing is that when I start as new, I get push notifications and everything up until I put in my old Apple ID.. well should I be creating a new Apple ID and starting all over with the apps I have in my iTunes? =============== Just spent all night trying to figure it out.. found a website about mount.sh and the jar file.. did that, and got to mount /mnt2/tmp... but it seems to be just to salvage and then restore. Really, do I need to restore? ANY help would be great.. Now my iPhone reboots only in Safe Mode and what is next.. I see SpringBoard_reboot_flag in /var/tmp and I think that might be what it is.. making me reboot. I also stumbled on CodFishCatFish youtube and learned about scanning the /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries for any disparity.. like one package listed as .dylib and then the same as .plist .. but then I found two without .plist, and they were BBSettings and WinterFix so I deleted the two and rebooted.. still not working?
  10. I have 5.1.1 JB on 3gs 5.13.04 and everything went fine until I started installing tweaks dependent on Activator, like SBSettings, and the phone went into a reboot loop. Upon installing msed by BRC0703 the iphone booted fine and I used DisableDylibs to try and pinpoint what it is until all dylibs were off and only Activator. I found that it would not launch. It is installed, but the icon in SpringBoard would launch just a black screen with a bar on top, and inside Settings it would crash. I tried reinstalling Activator 1.9.2 and also 1.9.2-1 from rpetri.ch but I get the same results. Tried uninstalling Activator as a whole, rebooting fresh and then reinstalling one version and then starting again by uninstalling and rebooting clean. I tried resetting network, following instructions on another forum. Nothing works. What is going on? Why can't I install Activator that would work?
  11. OMG.. "Eureka". I decided to give it another shot and do it my way. chmod 777 and set the permissions BEFORE SSHing the two files to /System/Library/Caches. That worked. Now I'm viewing messages in the native Mobilemail app. (SIGH) Thank goodness, NO RESTORE!! OMG.. "Eureka". I decided to give it another shot and do it my way. chmod 777 and set the permissions BEFORE SSHing the two files to /System/Library/Caches. That worked. Now I'm viewing messages in the native Mobilemail app. (SIGH) Thank goodness, NO RESTORE!!
  12. Any news on the Syslog? There's one suspicious line that happens before every time Mobilemail crashes: Mobilemail: error creating scanner: (null) Please let me know if you're working on it or if I should just restore. I'm really loathe to restore but it's better than having to open a browser and navigate just to check email every ten minutes. syslog2.txt
  13. It's on iHacksrepo and your name is credited as the author. I realized the Crash Reporter log is no good it doesn't tell you anything. Attached here is the syslog pulled from /var/log/ Here's something that looks like the culprit of the crashes: Mobilemail: error creating scanner: (null) In the newly attached (more recent) Syslog this line is right before every time Mobilemail crashes. Googled "scanner" and it seems to be a type of protocol that looks for webmail like Uikit, I don't know. If you are working on it and need more time, please let me know. I'm loathe to restore but it's better than having to navigate into my inbox in a browser every ten minutes. OMG.. "Eureka". I decided to give it another shot and do it my way. chmod 777 and set the permissions BEFORE SSHing the two files to /System/Library/Caches. That worked. Now I'm viewing messages in the native Mobilemail app. (SIGH) Thank goodness, NO RESTORE!! syslog.txt syslog2.txt
  14. Hello thank you so much for helping. In safemode the Mail app still crashes. I had Adblocker 1.3-1 turned off, and it made no difference. I can open, see previews, send messages, but not tap to view. Here is the syslog pulled from /var/log/ and it's verbose, starting with this morning and the latest crash from Mail App at 18:14