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  1. Have you tried reinstalling Mach via impactor?
  2. Easiest method yet: Download Extender: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/julioverne/Extendlife/master/Extender_0.9.41_005.ipa Install App Installer Use terminal to run appinst extender.ipa No VPN to install; should function immediately
  3. Yes, your most recent app specific. Although, I've only seen that error when installd OTA daemon isn't running. And for that to be running, you need to make sure substrate is loaded.
  4. Uninstall all pre-reqs. AppSync, Installd, Extender Install, etc. etc. Reboot, re-jb. All dependencies: (Not sure if you use other apps that require them - If so don't remove them) wget ldid org.thebigboss.cacerts com.linusyang.appinst zip unzip net.angelxwind.appsyncunified ca.kirara.gplv3 Install these packages: * App Installer (Karen's Repo) * ExtendLife (Julio's Repo) * installd OTA Patch (Blue Symphony) Downloads: * https://ufile.io/177601 Instructions: * Install all packages; reboot. * Download the impactor *.zip; extract. * Rename impactor.dat to .zip; extract. * Copy extender.ipa to whichever directory you prefer. * Open MTerminal; su; and cd to directory with *.ipa. * appinst extender.ipa ~~Find your TeamID in embedded.mobileprovision within /var/containers/Bundle/Application/*yalu102/~~ Open up Extender
  5. MS

    I use NewSense UFC Patch on Flex 3. Works (and has worked the past 4 months) flawlessly. Crazy how a phone could save you so much money.
  6. MS

    Use Flex - The patches work exceptionally.
  7. FLEX

    Yes, it still works. I've been using it for quite some time w/ NewSense UFC Patch.
  8. Shift-click restore in iTunes.
  9. [quote name='bayjell654' timestamp='1348456860' post='91492'] dang, that sucks, well, since you are here, online I mean, I figure I can ask this too... I have seen many guides on changing the volume limits, and I changed both plist files, in mediatoolbox and in the n94 folder under that, and instead of the 0.8 blahblah long decimal, I changed them all to 1s, I did this before on my old 3gs, back when it was in celesete or something folder, and it worked just fine, just a little louder, enough to make a difference for me, but nothing crazy dangerous... but on mine, it will be loud sometimes then quiet back to normal, and sometimes even go back to normal while in mid tone, I have checked the permissions on the files and everything, but it still randomly goes back quiet, a respring fixes it for at least a few mins, but not longer than about 30mins, any ideas? [/quote] I'm not too certain as to the cause of that. Perhaps overheating of the speaker? I do know that a lot of filesystem components appear to be editable, but in fact run off the stock configuration even though something may have been changed... But my best guess would be the speaker overheating, causing excessive resistance thus making the output not so strong.
  10. Shell scripting is the way to go. Just learn how to do it and do it well... It's unlike any other programming language, and I've seen great programmers who have the sloppiest shell code I've ever seen. Just remember. It's the complete opposite of any other language.
  11. [quote name='bayjell654' timestamp='1348456001' post='91488'] I've rebooted several times in the process of trying to fix that repo issue, and no problems with crashing anymore as far as I can see so far... I did uninstall sms+, footprintz, sms counter, and pushmod though and it did make resprings somewhat faster... So all in all, just keep modmyi repo uninstalled and just check it every once in a while until it works again? and by "check it once in a while", I mean add it back as a repo, let it try to update, if it gets the error, just remove it again.... [/quote] Pretty much... Shouldn't be long until it's fixed.... Adrenachrome just got the error as have a few more people over IRC as far away as XBMC aTV users. Just a minor repo issue there.
  12. [quote name='Adrenachrome' timestamp='1348455957' post='91487'] What's this mean? [/quote] That error has been floating around. I've seen another user on the board with that issue and quite a few people over IRC with that error. Seems to be a package issue on the MMI Repo.
  13. [quote name='bayjell654' timestamp='1348455024' post='91483'] no I don't see a dpkg.log in var/log, also, the only things I have installed recently is pushtone and ishshit, the rest of the stuff I installed just in the past couple days was updates (winterboard, mobilesubstrate, uikit tools, substrate safe mode) that were updated to be compatible with ios 6.... should I have skipped updating them since I still am on ios 5.1.1? [/quote] Nah, updating shouldn't have any issues in that retrospect. It'd be more widespread if it was something such as Winterboard or ms. Updating applications should retain backwards compatibility & include whatever is necessary for newer system versions. I do believe APT has updated in the past few days as well. Those Cydia updates, coming from those developers shouldn't cause any issues, but it's always possible. Like I said though, if that was the case, it'd be more of a pandemic then anything. Have you tried fully rebooting your device? Do the resprings and crashes still continue to occur? Crashes aren't really too much of an issue... Perhaps it was just caused by a segmentation fault. The Facebook app crashes more often then any app I have ever seen. Resprings, on the other hand do tend to become annoying.
  14. Occasional crashes are not uncommon. Seeing as it has begun recently, think of what you have installed/updated recently. You have a ton of developer packages installed.. Not that it is an issue by any means. I'm just trying to get into your mindset of things. mediaremoted is the stock iOS package that essentially allows the media buttons to control third-party applications. mobilecydia is just that... Cydia. Cydia always runs at an elevated level. That's just how it is. @jerm If a package is not compatible with a specific iOS version, it will be unable to install. SMS+ for example works perfectly find on iOS 5 so long as iMessage is disabled. SMS Counter and Footprintz shouldn't cause any issues either. His issue is not a dependency issue, but is more likely to be a conflict between packages. The OP needs to get together what he has recently installed and updated and we cant go from there. I don't have my phone on me... It's actually upstairs and dead, so I cannot check what I'd like to. Does a dpkg.log exist under /var/log? I have seen some posts regarding your issue with [color=#9A9A9A][font='lucida grande', 'lucida sans unicode', arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=3][background=rgb(24, 24, 24)]com.iphonemodding2.halloffameringtone. Seems like a repo issue as even people with aTV's have the error occuring. Food for thought: Don't go around deleting random files if you're unsure of the consequences.[/background][/size][/font][/color]
  15. [quote name='CrAcKzZZ' timestamp='1348344597' post='91252'] ^ What rubber ?? lol i didnt know iPhone had rubber on them Physical button over touch for me Maps is shit lol To make it worse they could have made their own GPS service. [/quote] You need to inspect your device more often then... Heh... Click buttons tend to get a bit.... old. Especially when, over time, every iDevice I've ever had has had issues with the scroll wheel, home button, etc. Plus, it would've been innovative... Something new that hasn't been seen yet. Something DIFFERENT than has been on every iPhone to date... And most importantly, something less to break. I don't really see the issue with the new maps. Over quick testing, It renders very quickly... It's a bit unnecessary for a 3D view... But then again, I'm capable of finding my way out of a cardboard box. If they implemented their own GPS service, it would'e costed a LOT of money... But I'm certain that even if they did that, it'd be better than a TomTom.