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  1. Yo, it seems ur pastebin cannot parse some special HTML signs … O.o http://insanelyi.com/pastebin/3w55btroh9q4/ http://insanelyi.com/pastebin/3w55btroh9q4/txt/ see how it displays the " and " quotation marks? just wanted to let you know cya JACK
  2. MS

    fixed the link but this is anyway for an outdated version so...
  3. Uninstall "Cydelete" from cydia
  4. I dont know if its been said before, but using ls /usr/bin and ls /bin You can see all available commands for MobileTerminal
  5. Sorry, I dont get you. I am confused. I posted this here to share
  6. Okay, I don't HAVE to contribute, I just post stuff. I thought it was useful, but if you don't need my help, its okay. I just got a way to keep AppSync, but no one seems to be interested
  7. well the cydia fix removes appsync and does not work with app sync.
  8. Hello All! As you may noticed, @planetbeing found a way to get it working. I worked on a fix as well and I got 2 Solutions! 1. FixMyWeather ->Download & Install it ->Run it in Terminal ->No Reboot & Fix 2. FixMyWeather.sh ->A Shell Script ->Removes AppSync as it causes the problems (thanks to @planetbeing) ->no cracked apps anymore Downloads: http://www.mediafire.com/?o888n6qd61vedi1 Instructions: 1. Download the File 2. Put it on your Device 3. Install it 4. Open Terminal or SSH into your Device 5. EITHER type fixmyweather OR fixmyweather.sh 6. Depending on what you chose, your device reboots. 7. Done! Weather Fixed if you get any problems, make a screenshot and post it underneath! Credits: Jack @planetbeing Donations are appreciated
  9. there are problems with the script. make sure you got a working, no syntax error script
  10. Installous does not work anymore. You can not use this. The best solution you can get is: BUY THE APPS.
  11. I should have made this adf.ly already 200 downloads ^^ anyway, here is the latest file: http://www.mediafire.com/?9f8p8zt4y181jjd MD5: 6f3bc45ecbf274040ac1e64c0080e00f
  12. thats what I was saying, people used the old link and said it didnt work cool that it is working for you I am thinking of some things to improve the tweak
  13. the latest version should work. I bet you tested it before I made the host changes, download the latest version in this thread http://www.mediafire.com/?9f8p8zt4y181jjd thats totally fine, go ahead and maintain it, I do not care, just wanted to help, if you want to take over. why not, i just can tell you that it works and it works on any device, this is not device related. I told you and the others (sorry for those who can not read), that I had to change the host for that tweak to work. and now the latest link is available and if you use the latest link, it works. BTW, I am daily on insanely and I daily read the topic, but I can't respond to any guy who does not get it to work. I can confirm that it works smoothly since the latest version and you can test it out. as I also said, i do not own a phone, so we have to work together or you take it over.
  14. Its great! thanks
  15. haha, it should work now. it just deletes the dylib when the tweak is disabled. on my server there is a file that sais "active". the tweak gets the string and if its different to "active", the tweak does not work and deletes itself I had some problems with my server the last time, because the fuuu company shut it down for some unknown reason. now its on another server and it should work on any device for any installous, you might want to test it again? cool thing I would do that as well on my blog, but I want to look legal LOL, if I have a blog post about installous on a development blog....