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  1. Hey, im fairly new to the android world and figured that i have no clue how rooting works! So can anyone help me with rooting my hp slate 6 tab? THANKS! And if there's any way possible to do that on my tab that would be great!
  2. How Do i remove write protected error from my San-disk USB? i have searched on the internet but can't figure it out. Thanks for the help :D
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    Hey, i don't know if its a bug just for me. I use my iPad 1 in landscape with rotation lock on but whenever i launch insanelyi app it stays potrait soi have change it everytime i use the app.
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  7. here are some links: Battlefield: http://www.slingfile.com/file/gzOiVv5I4X http://turbobit.net/i9w7lvnaal8l.html Sky Gamblers: http://rapidgator.net/file/feef469640a9365e39481ab68cd0a71a/Sky_Gamblers_Storm_Raiders_(v1.0.3_3GS_Univ_RLSA_LP_os50)-Locophone-ICPDA.rc30c5.ipa.html Sorry i couldn't find direct fast links so these might take a while to download You can use safari download manager from cydia and use that to download. Then open it in vShare to install it!
  8. any good video editing app for ipad?

  9. According to numerous reports, it seems that Tactus has a very interesting photo that seems to be the rear polycarbonate shell of the rumored budget iPhone that is said to be released sometime this year. Many sources have claimed that Tactus isn’t entirely reliable due to their prior track record, however, it seems that this case seems to be consistent with prior rumors and dimensions of the budget iPhone so far. It’s very reminiscent of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, however, it looks extremely modernized with squared-off edges and a much larger panel for the alleged 4-inch display. Tactus also heard some information about upcoming Apple devices:
  10. Early November, The Verge published the first photos of what seemed to be a near-finalized version of Microsoft Office for iOS, and claimed that it would be released early 2013. However, in December, MacRumors reported that Microsoft Office would be pushed back due to certain App Store regulations. Thankfully, a new report today from ZDNet says that Microsoft is slated to release Office for iOS in Fall of 2014. Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet is citing reliable sources, and is saying Microsoft is prepping their upcoming ‘Gemini’ updates which will include updates for Office for Windows 8, Office for Mac, and will bring the new Office for iOS and Android. Here’s the scoop: It’s worth noting that Microsoft has never denied that these applications have been in development, yet they’ve never confirmed that these apps would hit the market anytime soon. The rumors of MS Office releasing are getting extremely crazy, and seem to never align with one another. However, what are your thoughts?
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  13. I meant not on the forum but a separate one just for the apps page