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  1. Hi everyone, this tutorial is the same trick done on IOS 8 devices. It also using using same deb file made by chinas0w. Tested on my 5s and ipad air 2 - this will work on ios 8.0 to 9.0.2 Here how for newbies Option 1: 1. install attached deb using ifile then respring 2. Edit carrier.plist var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundle.bundle by adding the code below in the 5th line thru IFILE and save <key>AllowsVoIP</key> <true/> 3. reboot 4. reboot again. if first reboot fail to start facetime. Option 2: 1. install attached deb using ifile then respring 2. tap carrier.plist in var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundle.bundle and tap Property List Viewer 3. tap + found in lower right corner 4. add AllowsVoIP in Name and change the type to Boolean then tap Create 5. you will see the added property on the top list, just tap to enable 6. finally reboot and enjoy check old post about facetime activator on IOS7 and IOS8 cheers ccpatch.deb
  2. FLEX

    Thanks, patch works great. Also note to everyone that the plist hack still partially work on jailbroken device. What i did is -copy the plist to the device - guide here -install iapfree/iapcracker/iapcrazy/localiapstore (any) from cydia and enable the tweak -open app and purchase the package so keep your plist provided by hitking for future app updates
  3. no it does not affect at all. compatcher only removes restriction to carrier.plist for editing and also allow to install modified/hacked carrier ipcc. before i had a 5s from US but LTE is disabled, but after i install the hacked ipcc is was able to turn on the LTE option.
  4. Just made the test and yes facetime is working on etisalat inet on normal connection (no vpn / no dns) also woking on mobile data both etisalat and du tested on my ipad air 2 and 5s
  5. Hmm.. i think mine is working on my etisalat inet maybe because i have US based DNS configured in my router because continuity is working perfectly. let me confirm facetime call in the evening after work.
  6. Hi can you have try on this install the ccpatch edit carrier.plist in /system/library/carrier bundles/ipad/default.bundle add this code below the first <dict> <key>AllowsVoIP</key> <true/> havent tried this yet as i dont have a wifi idevice to test. so please make a backup before doing so. i will not be responsible if something goes wrong. But i will give it a shot today once i get a hand on a wifi idevice. cheers
  7. FYI. Please always do dual reboot because something single reboot does not do the job properly before asking for help. thank you to all and i advice everyone to share their inputs as well to help others to troubleshoot. cheers
  8. try uninstalling ccpatch and reinstall again then reboot. then edit the carrier.plist again.
  9. Once facetime is activated continuity is also enabledCheck this link http://www.Apple.com/what-new/continuity to know more Appsyns is still buggy for ios8. You need to wait for stable version
  10. Fyi about continuity. Prerequisite. Facetime is activated using same Apple id Bluetooth is enabled IPhone and Mac/ipad is one same wifi To test open contacts app and make calls/sms on your iPad/mac
  11. Please support devs if you find tweak is useful. Not advice crack files. Anyway in file open the ifile then use text viewer then click edit in upper left then do the changes. Once edit is done it will enable FaceTime and continuity.
  12. [uPDATE] for ios 8 follow link below https://insanelyi.com/topic/19548-enable-facetime-and-continuity-for-ios-8/
  13. i did tried single reboot but facetime was not able to activate. only after second reboot got succesfully activated. and all this happen in all my idevices.