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  1. Found the problem, removed spectral ( blurs lockscreen when playing music ) and problem is gone, thanks!
  2. Directly from iphone , music is a mix of MP3 and Apple Lossless. 2.0GB is my remaining storage. Must be one of those broken tweaks, ill slowly turn them off one by one and find out which one.
  3. Hello! Don't know if any of you noticed ( or maybe it's just me ) but if you keep listen to music for a long time or you keep switching tracks ( like 5-10 times ) you'll see I'm general > settings > usage that your available space is dropped by about 100MB , more if you keep switching , happens on 3rd party music players too. Eventually you'll get a error that says not enough memory and your phone will crash and respring. After that, back to normal. It kinda bugs me as the respringing thing is rather annoying. Any help on this?
  4. I don't know about you , but I got lots of music. So I have to manually copy all the songs back. I don't like that auto music managing thing of iTunes. Also , I have to re make the playlists although I know you can make it on I tunes and transfer them over . Thanks for your reply though .
  5. Alright , I'll try it , btw I've already rebooted many times. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Well , I never really use my contacts , but it become like this : Any help? Would like to avoid restore Thanks in advance
  7. Hey guys thanks for your help. I deleted the Plist file and reinstalled and somehow works again. Still, thanks for taking time to read my post. Have a great day!
  8. Hello , I got this problem where after entering ifile, it will show the spinning circle in the middle and the the screen will start to change to a blue hue. The whole screen starts to change to the hue a pixel at a time. After that it will crash and reboot my phone. The phone works normally after that. Can anyone help me please!
  9. Ahh did that , well I just discovered just switching DCIM heredity ( spelt wrong ) to "ON" solves my problem , A million thanks to you too zinc blade , deleting one of my tweaks solved another one of my problems !
  10. Well I got this problem that photos won't display on my ipad mini (6.0.2) , all it says is you can sync photos / videos in blah blah.. So I tried taking a photo using the camera and viewing the photo by pressing the bottom left corner , that doesn't work Tried rebooting in safe mode , same problem too , ifile doesn't show anything in the DCIM folder . Also I realized after taking a picture , backing out to home screen , killing the app , and returning to the camera app , the last taken photo has been deleted it seems , no recent pictures displayed at the lower left , Well I would appreciate any help gratefully , thanks for reading this long post , and thanks in advance , have a great day ahead !!
  11. oh , thanks alot for the info!
  12. Hello, I installed quite a few things in my iphone 5 and now I can't get any notifications to appear on my lockscreen . I'm using asymmetric HD lockscreen iPhone 5. I tried using lock info but that doesn't work , is there any tweak that can force notifications onto the lockscreen? Thanks in advance
  13. I found the source of the problem . It is the triple click home options under acceability , off it and the switcher deploys immediately
  14. Okay , thanks for the info !
  15. You can just use denon audio . There is a manually adjustable Grapic EQ there