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  1. PoomSmart is there any chance you can just write a tutorial on the first post on how to use the script e.g. what each function that you can disable actually does? So then people wont go disabling/deleting things that will result in them restoring? Just a suggestion
  2. You could download the DEB, transfer it onto your computer and then put it on with sn0wbreeze that way... but otherwise you'll have to get Sull to take down the protection
  3. Theres protection to stop you downloading any DEBs from the repo apart from through cydia, this is why other apps like cyder dont work with insanelyi as well
  4. WB

    Will there be an ipad port?
  5. But i can play them on my itunes and had them playing on ios4?
  6. Fresh restore, no jailbreak, just songs and it still wont play some songs, not all of them, just some ahahaha HD i have 3000 songs, which covers like every genre available, plus bare dubstep OTHER than skrillex... so shhh :L
  7. Just restored, and they still wont play...
  8. Updated to ios5 the other day, went to have a Skrillex jam on my ipod touch 3g and then suddenly it decided to respring everytime i selected certain songs. Wierd thing is, this occured prior to being jailbroken as well. The songs play on itunes, and played when i was previously on ios4.... Ive taken all of the music off, resynced it but the same thing happens... any ideas? Thanks
  9. Welcommeee
  10. On installous make sure that 'sync with itunes' is enabled otherwise it wont sync them.
  11. Gonna go ahead and bump this thread...... Any particularly awesome ipad 2 themes anyone can recommend?
  12. WB

    For my iPad my favourite is Inpulse, doesnt change anything to drastically, just gives everything a cool new look and for my itouch its os7 (dreamboard) dont know why but i just love the animated tiles/the scrolling up.
  13. i had the same problem earlier, If you've got your SHSH blobs for 4.3.3 saved then just put your iPad into recovery mode, plug it in and restore again to 4.3.3,, if not then you'll have to update to 4.3.4
  14. WB

    Does anyone know why i'm getting this when i press on one of the icons? the shadow is waaay to big, its only like this on the big icons, the small icons are fine... Because this is the desire sd port, i thought maybe one of the .png's hadnt been resized?
  15. WB

    Wow. I've changed it so many times, but it keeps going back to that. Damn.