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  1. You're welcome! Take a look at the different sections we have at insanelyi. https://insanelyi.com/forum/27-tutorials/ https://insanelyi.com/forum/13-themes/ If you reach 20+ posts you gain access to the shoutbox, that's where you can cit and cat with anyone who's online. Also have a look as these:
  2. Welcome to insanelyi !!! Have fun there's plently of good content and members around. Cheers Tyler
  3. Remove AppCake from cydia. The delete the preference file with filza. Start fresh again, that's what I'd do.
  4. Yeah I guess it's an iPhone 7 thing... Hmm I already did this too multiple times I googled the error and all I found was a couple of threads about it. All of them had different solutions. Like refreshing cydia or deleting the file. None worked so far for me.
  5. There's only a folder called partial in that directory and it's empty..
  6. Nope both aren't in ect/apt/sources.list.d/cydia.list Also I've already tried to delete r.appdb.cc_._Packages from var/mobile/Library/Chaches/com.saurik.Cydia/list but it's still there after a refresh. Should I change trash settings in Filza?
  7. No there'/ definitely no such repo. Also if I look i to the file r.appdb.cc_._Packages the Maintainer is CyCake. Thought it's from AppCake but removing its repo didn't help either.
  8. WB

    Looks awesome! Can you please share the wall without the cut in the middle?
  9. Probably, but how do I know which one? Do I just look through var/mobile/Library/Cashes/com.Saurik.Cydia ?
  10. Got this every time I open cydia. Even before it's finished refreshing all sources. Any suggestions?
  11. WB

    Of course, there you go https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ylxn6853q3k27yk/AAAp0xqT0-1WrE0z2wp9fDtEa?dl=1
  12. WB

    Scary af man, but it looks awesome man, well done ??
  13. WB

    Kecil ?
  14. WB

    Oh okay, looks just like BlurryBar then ?
  15. WB

    Looks nice, is that statubar from BlurryBar?