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  1. Hi and welcome to insanely
  2. Good to hear At least I'm not the ony iPhone 7 member on iOS 10.1.1 now ?
  3. There is. But is a complicated process. I haven't tried it, I could on my iPhone 6S which I have iOS 10.2 shsh2 blobs. But since I'm on the iPhone 7 I'm okay with leaving my iPhone 6S on iOS 9.0.2.. So keep in mind although in the tutorial I found there are people commenting that it worked, it still could fail and the worst case is you end up updating to iOS 10.2.1 Assumably you're jailbroken and have a macOS pc or laptop. Give this a shot. That's one of the most legit tutorial I found, also it's quite new only posted one month ago. I'd highly recommend reading through it before starting (Credits go to the reddit user in the link!) https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/5pu8x4/tutorial_how_to_upgradedowngrade_to_ios_102_using/
  4. Worked great thanks !!!!
  5. WB

    RUPY ? (Check VIP Goodies )
  6. WB

    Really nice LS ??
  7. Yo @timski how did it went? ? Also check this topic if you succeed
  8. Hands Down All Hail The Apple Clown
  9. Damn now I can't even jailbreak on my mabook
  10. On my macbook pro? Not yet. Isn't the point of this to do it right on the device itself?
  11. But I'm not jailbroken so I can't run Mterminal nor Cydia Extender
  12. Can't install mach_portal anymore. Says it's unable to download. Do I still have to use the app specific password I created before using Extender?
  13. WB

    Elite 10 ?
  14. Worked eventually with Cydia Extender Installer v 2.4
  15. Okay this time it said: Welcome to Cydia Extender but it didn't attempt to install it, at least it didn't display it. It just refreshed my sources (which is nice), I'm going to try all the different versions of Cydia Extender Installer now