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  1. Hi and Welcome to insanelyi! Good to have you on board ?
  2. Hi @Bourak Try booting you phone with the Volume + button pressed. It should boot up in safe mode. Don't let go until it boots past the apple logo. Let us know how it went.
  3. Hy Supremo and welcome to insanelyi!!! ?
  4. Hi this would belong in Cydia Errors https://insanelyi.com/forum/97-cydia-errors/ Also run apt-get update in any working iOS 10 MobileTerminal.
  5. Please donate to insaneliy to keep the server up running if you can. 


    Any amount helps! 🙏🏻 


    Link to official post from @TheClown down here👇🏻



  6. WB

    RG by Irish_Man so well done Bro! ?
  7. WB

    Looks Sick!! First themed screenshot from iOS 10 Jailbreak goes to @Stig ??
  8. Welcome guys ?
  9. Well at least your iMessage is doing a sound. Doesn't do that for me. I checked do not disturb and the volume level already.... Maybe iMessage is just broken in general
  10. Hmm nope works fine for me. No text tone at all when I set it to none on my iPhone. But iMessage isn't even popping up when I test it. Also iMessage doesn't make any sound at all
  11. Oh man. I'm still trying to fully understand what you are exactly doing... Firs of all I never received any Twitter notification by SMS. I only receive Twitter notifications same as all the other social media notification as a banner or pop up. Never in my iOS message app... But I think if you receive Twitter notifications by SMS and they show up in your iMessages app on your macbook your best bet is to have a look into the setting of the iMessage app.
  12. Not possible at this moment. Maybe later when the iOS 9 Pangu jailbreak is updated or a new tool gets released.
  13. Can you explain or show further how you set different tones in the contacts app? I wouldn't know how this would then also apply to Twitter notifications... I'll try to attempt the same then and let you know how it went.
  14. Hello there! Good to have you and a merry Christmas to you as well.
  15. Go to https://www.icloud.com/ on another platform and try to sign in to iCloud. Check what devices are linked to your apple ID and report back if there are any.