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  1. Remove AppCake from cydia. The delete the preference file with filza. Start fresh again, that's what I'd do.
  2. Yeah I guess it's an iPhone 7 thing... Hmm I already did this too multiple times I googled the error and all I found was a couple of threads about it. All of them had different solutions. Like refreshing cydia or deleting the file. None worked so far for me.
  3. There's only a folder called partial in that directory and it's empty..
  4. Nope both aren't in ect/apt/sources.list.d/cydia.list Also I've already tried to delete r.appdb.cc_._Packages from var/mobile/Library/Chaches/com.saurik.Cydia/list but it's still there after a refresh. Should I change trash settings in Filza?
  5. No there'/ definitely no such repo. Also if I look i to the file r.appdb.cc_._Packages the Maintainer is CyCake. Thought it's from AppCake but removing its repo didn't help either.
  6. WB

    Looks awesome! Can you please share the wall without the cut in the middle?
  7. Probably, but how do I know which one? Do I just look through var/mobile/Library/Cashes/com.Saurik.Cydia ?
  8. Got this every time I open cydia. Even before it's finished refreshing all sources. Any suggestions?
  9. WB

    Of course, there you go https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ylxn6853q3k27yk/AAAp0xqT0-1WrE0z2wp9fDtEa?dl=1
  10. WB

    Scary af man, but it looks awesome man, well done ??
  11. WB

    Kecil ?
  12. WB

    Oh okay, looks just like BlurryBar then ?
  13. WB

    Looks nice, is that statubar from BlurryBar?
  14. Welcome to insanelyi. Have fun
  15. Yeah really unfortunate. There wasn't really much left to do. I really hoped that TU can kick the device out of recovery mode. This saved me multiple times...Let's hope your jailbroken soon again ??
  16. Are you on macOS or WIN? If you're on macOS try to kick it out of recovery mode. With TinyUmbrella. (TU) http://www.firmwareumbrella.com/ If you open TU and plug your phone in, there should be an option where you can kick the device out of recovery mode.
  17. Okay, always get the IPSW from: https://ipsw.me these are clean. You can't get last the apple logo at all?
  18. Hey I don't want you to miss the window to upgrade at all. It depends if you want to try to save your iOS 9.0.2 jailbeak in the first place. If you feel like updating go ahead. If you can't boot into safe mode (volume + pressed while booting) then there's not much to do anyway.
  19. Hi, I was hoping to advise you to get into non-substrate mode (booting with volume + pressed), but you mentioned you already tried this. Otherwise if you're really stuck in a bootloop. I'd try to completely let the device drain. Then charge it again and see if you're able to get to boot. In either substrate mode or non-substrate.. Edit: Check if the device has enough storage. Can you delete some unimportant apps, while it's plugged in in either iTunes or iFunBox?
  20. Still not really digging that iOS 10 jaibreak. Man 10.3.1 would be a hell of a lot more stable 😅

    1. vec1phyr


      I've come to understand that when you treat it right, it'll treat you just as good in return

    2. TylerDurden


      How to treat it right man, how? Lol

  21. DEB

    Thanks!! ?
  22. WB

    Jool ? by @ColbyRoark https://www.reddit.com/r/iOSthemes/comments/67yauu/release_jool_is_officially_available_for_download/
  23. I zipped them both https://www.dropbox.com/s/pt272g1vh6wo2vm/Archive (1).zip?dl=1
  24. WB

    Yeah of course. Send that file or whatever over. I'll test it when I'm home. Just fyi my iPhone 6S is on iOS 9.0.2
  25. WB

    Allright good luck testing. Let me know how it went.