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  1. Confirming here that it still works in May 2012 !
  2. I know it is old but still the work is going on into it especially the WHITED00R ! Anyways many people with iOS 3.1.3 can keep going in on FURTHER with their (yet limited) iDevice
  3. SAM activation tickets will be miss or hit for now but sooner or later it will all be miss !
  4. Nice .... it works like a charm but im guessing it ends up crashing for apps like facebook
  5. Sn0wBreeze is actually a userfriendly software which is quite effective in working for creating custom IPSW i have created lots of those and works like a charm
  6. Hacking is all you need :)

  7. my suggestion is that better don't go for siri. An alternative solution is SARA or better skip the voice software as in my opinion its kinda hopeless.
  8. yup just like how iballer said these features are pretty good if you are gonna be a regular person on the forums and you end up helping a number of people
  9. There its done
  10. Hey Guyz, This is my first tutorial which is to be posted here on insanelyi Well first off we will be needing an iPhone 2G. Recommended Cydia Tweaks And Apps ! 1). NoSpot 2). OpenSSH 3). Aptitude 4). Mobile Terminal 5). APT 0.6 Transitional 6). BitchX 7). UDID Faker 8). WinterBoard 9). SBSettings 10). Categories (Please don't Install CategoriesSB as it isn't compatible with iOS 3.1.3) 11). A2DP Enabler 12). Activator 13). Afc2add 14). Afpfs-ng 16). Aircrack 17). Appsync for OS 3.1 18). FreeStore 19). Installous 20). IFile 21). FreeMyIphone 22). iMemoryEnhancer 23). Memory Tap (Activator Addon) 24). AppQuit (Activator Addon) 25). OpenNTPD 26). OpenSSL 27). PowerTool (Highly Recommended as the "Restart Springboard" option in cydia always hangs the iPhone 2G so using this utility by going to the menu and respringing using the "Soft Respring" is better than the other) 28). Python 29). Rotation Inhibitor 30). Safari Download Manager 31). TetherMe APN 32). Vroom (Battery Enhancer) 33). Speed Intensifier (to be set to Infinity-Fastest) ===================================================================================== That's about it. If you want the multitasking and folders for iOS 3 then you can download that too but that just slows down the iPhone 2G. Also you can download custom ipsw known as whited00r which has most of the features listed above and has all the working functionality of iOS 5.1 ported to the iOS 3.1.3. It however, right now lacks the iMessage and Facetime ports but you can use the alternatives like TextFree and Skype respectively . Note -- I'm not advertising for any repo nor do I want anyone using my repo (hence the reason for me not posting about my repo or giving out it's link) but a few good repos other than insanelyi can be found on GOOGLE ! =====================================================================================
  11. Hi guyz Just wanted to know whether it was possible to make SARA (siri alternative) work without WIFI (or internet connection) ? Kindly post your responses and guide me through this hassle Sincerely, XxXKINGMAKXxX
  12. MAK1994s-IPOD:~ root# cyfix Installing necessary tools... Unable to install tools. Are you connected to the Internet? MAK1994s-IPOD:~ root# How to fix this ?! and I am connected to INTERNET