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  1. ... it's my opinion these forums are a waste of time, "insanely" comes across, as if, they don't have answers!

    1. vec1phyr


      I apologize we don't have the answers you're looking for. Occasionally we're even trumped by some things in iOS or we simply don't have the time due to real life needs like jobs, kids, and other things more important than consistently hounding the server. We always strive to keep members informed and allow them to walk away with their devices ready to go. If you have anymore feedback for insanelyi, please send it over to 1-800-GOFUCKYOURSELF

      insanelyi Platinum Member/Representative of EVERYONE.

    2. RypeDub


      I second this. Don't be a fucking dick just becasue we didn't cater to your every need.


      Jesus Christ, saying these forums are a waste of time??


      We have the best quality content out of any pirated repo.

      What the fuck do you have to bitch about?

  2. ... when I download the tweak in question, I see the word "Error" scrolling more than once, it's happening on my iPhone 6 Plus, is anyone really out there to help out with this issue or are these forums really just a waste of time!