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  1. Thanks a million guys for the clarification - I will try this out when I go home!
  2. Hello there! Thanks for your reply! Can I do that for other repos too? Just by adding their repos as well? I am not sure why cydia exits to homescreen everytime I try to search for packages or add repos either. Anyways, thanks so much for your reply! I shall try it EDIT: Sorry, so just to be clear - i just make that file using iFunbox and name it insanelyi.list in the Cydia folder that contains "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/insanelyi.list this address. Then I open that file and add that line and I should be good to go? Thanks!
  3. Dear all, I have recently updated my iphone from jailbroken 4.3.3. to 5.01 on Redsnow. After I updated and restored my contacts I jailbroke. Got Cydia, and as I was about to add this wonderful site's repo it closed and exited to homescreen. Everytime I try to add or even search for a repo Cydia crashes out to homescreen. However, if I brows packages from the huge list - I can still download and install cydia apps. I am not sure what is the problem and would love to have some help I have already restored my iphone once and rejailbroke it but to no avail. Thanks in advance!
  4. Okay thanks Sul!
  5. Hello, I have dragged .app into applications but it didn't work - the game would run in debug mode. I've noticed that there are other files outside of the .app folder and those are the big data files. the .app file is only around 4 mb whereas the files outside the ,app file total to nearly 4 gigs which is actually the size of the game.
  6. just a quick thought can this same trick be used to set my aperture / final cut pro or iPhoto library to an external hard drive too?
  7. haha alright thanks Sull
  8. Thanks Sull will try that when I get home!
  9. Massive kudos!
  10. Hello guys, I recently just bought the mac air and just wanted to see if my mac air is normal like the rest of the world When I boot up my Mac Air (I have 4 gigs of ram btw) I noticed that out of 4 gigs of RAM only 2.3 gigs of RAM is free. At this point I have not loaded up any apps. I have Microsoft Office 2011 installed and a bunch of other apps but they are not running. Is this normal? How could I maximize my RAM? Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  11. Hello guys, I was hoping you could guide me in the right direction. Recently, I have downloaded the game Still Life 2 cracked by Most Unique. It was 10 rars and when fully unzipped was not a dmg file but a folder that contained a .app folder and several other folders. I am not sure what I am supposed to do with the other files and have just tried to place the .app folder in the applications folder but to no avail. I have only just got the MacBook Air and am still a dummy when using Mac. Thanks in advance and much obliged!
  12. hello there! Ok thanks I will give that a try! Thank you!
  13. Hello there and thanks so much for your help so far. Currently for the major folder that she wants copied - the 'wedding' folder - it has permissions set to allow for everything including read / write and execute. However, I have noticed that for pratically all the folders and files in that folder either don't have my account in the security page and I think that is what is the problem. I can only copy one picture from that folder because it has my account and has permissions set to that account to allow on everything too. I am not sure how to set my account so that it would allow me to copy stuff. I would insert an image to show you but I'm not too sure how to upload an image here When I try to copy the files that don't have my account and permissions allowed it says that I need to provide administrator permission to copy this file. When I click continue, it says I need to provide Administrator permissions which I don;t have - it says I require permission from Administrators to make changes to the file but, of course, I am the administrator for my computer. No amount of Try Again's will work lol. I hope this sheds some light on my current predicament - I really wanna help my friend cuz she's getting married in the summer and she needs these videos and pictures and documents and stuff. Thanks again in advance!
  14. Ok thanks I will have to get back to you on that one as I'm at work - It's really weird because I was fiddling around with one photo - and after some tinkering I managed to view that photo but not the others - When I go into the security tab - all I see are allow and not allow - I allow one account to access a folder / file. How do I get into the read / write part? I think that may be the key. Also is there a way to allow access to all the files in one folder instead of changing the permissions file by file in that folder? Thanks in advance! I have hooked up the hard drive using the SATA cable and the power source from my computer... I think I should scan it for viruses first.
  15. A friend of mine's computer is busted and won't even turn on. She has some important pictures and videos in there that she would like to take back. I decided to hook her HDD to my computer to try and copy those files over for her. Unfortunately when I open up her HDD using my computer I cannot copy those files / folders. It won't even let me view them. I have logged on as my administrator account as well. I can open folders but cannot copy them. I have gone into each file and folder and have set the permissions so that my 'administrator' account can access them but to no avail. She used to run Windows XP 32 bit and I run Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit. How can I copy those pictures and videos for her? Any advice much appreciated and thanks in advance!