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  1. Let me rephrase. I have to wait for 20 seconds until the script opens up and after that I have to wait a little bit more while the AppStore's running. So here's the answer to your question. Yes, it only opens for 20 seconds before I can see the splash screen of AppStore
  2. Hey guys! Could you please tell me how I can run an app (Cydia and AppStore to be exact) through the app using Terminal. Let me explain what I want. I used open It works fine in Terminal (Script opens AppStore immediately) but when I use the same command in my app it opens for about 20 seconds! How can I make it run faster? AppStore_Script.deb
  3. No it doesn't require it... It works perfectrly without respring.. Could you also tell me how to do the same thing with wi-fi (enable/disable). Many thanks!
  4. CrAcKzZZ, After deleting battery drains much faster then ever before. Iphone4 ios 5.0.1. Thanks for the others daemons...
  5. Shared@2x.artwork has them in it. The names of png files start with "kb_". The Python can unpack some of them now, but not all. For example, The Python can unpack kb-loupe-lo@2x.png, kb-popup...png, kb-extended...png, etc., and it can't unpack kb_abc@2x.png, kb_123@2x.png, kb_123_caps@2x.png etc. (I have all the names, the sizes, but nothing about the third parameter I talked about before) Maybe it'd be better to write a letter to the author of the program. Who knows he probably can help us...
  6. I have 5.0.1, without json files you'd not be able to unpack any artwork. And numbers in the name of json file are the identifier of firmware. The thing is that every png file in artwork has its own identifier as well (height, width, location). The same with keyboard icons. So at this moment I know the height and width, but nothing about location (the third paremeter). That's why I couldn't unpack the keyboard pngs correctly....
  7. There's no keyboard icons in supported files (json). Can anyone add them? I know the names of images, their sizes (I saw them in Winterboard themes so I guess they match), but I have no clue with the 3d parameter. I just know that every the 3d parameter divides 4096. That's it. for example. I added kb_abc@2x.png into json file. The program unpacked this image, but not how it was supposed to be (see attachments)
  8. Thanks for the answer. I thought you forgot about this thread. That's why I was so annoying. Sorry Please correct me if I understood wrong. You don't know how to change a value of a specific item, for example.RequiredCapabilities in Airplane mode. And plutil make changes not only in that very item, but also in some others (like WIFI requiredcapabilities, Genereal required capabilities). So that's why it's a bit difficult to make changes only in requiredcapabilities of Airplane mode. Is that true?
  9. Thanks for a script. I'll try it and the let you know how it works!
  10. So what about restore? Can you add such a feature to move the backup back to apps?
  11. I'd like to know as well! I think there's might be a solution...
  12. That's very useful! Thanks. I've gotta learn this...
  13. brc0703 the file doen't exist on the server. Can you reupload this package? I want to have a look at it
  14. I don't use Winterboard but I do like replacing icons on Iphone. Especially on app from Appstore, because I deleted all the shadows from and icons became scqare. So to costumize my ios a bit, I changed some Icons the way I wanted them to look but most of part of them never changed, because it's too boring to go to every app and replace an icon. With the script introduced by brc0703 #!/bin/bash mv /tmp/Documents /User/Applications/*/ cd /User/Applications/*/ mv mythingy ..Documents I can change them quickly. Once I create the folders I need I won't have to change anything in future. And if I would like to replace icons on some others it's much simpler to change them on pc then run a script that do everything quickly rather than change every icon on Iphone So thanks a lot!!!
  15. Please correct me I know I should add something like this: plutil -key requiredCapabilities -value false /Var/Stash/Applications/Settings.plist plutil -key requiredCapabilities -value true /Var/Stash/Applications/Settings.plist but I'm not sure that the script will find the key and value that I need, because there're a lot of 'requiredCapabilities's and 'false's in document