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  1. I'm going to download the theme and test it
  2. ??? What about Settings/Notifications options?? You can disable or mute whatever you want
  3. No, it won't work. You can activate Windows without paying. I don't see the point of it. Your Windows won't work better than mine if you buy the key lol.
  4. Damn, what a story hahahaha At least you fixed it lol
  5. FLEX

    I really don't know which part of "ITS WORKING" you didn't understand. Again, its working. I'm on 9.0.2 and its working just fine ( talking about Flex patch - UFC Patch.zip )
  6. FLEX

    Its working
  7. FLEX

    Like i said, use flex patch. 1. Download the .plist file and place it to var/mobile/Documents/Flex folder. (If there is one already, just rename it) 2. Open flex app and enable UFC patch. 3. Open UFC app and watch whatever you want
  8. FLEX

    I got bombed with PM's about Flex patch. Here is the .plist file. Place it to var/mobile/Documents/Flex folder. UFC Patch.zip
  9. FLEX

    I installed it to see whats the problem. I found the problem....it's not working (at least, not for me) Advice: Use Flex patch, its working fine EDIT: I see the deb file got updated. Haven't tested v.2.2-3, so it might work.
  10. The source? I'm the source hahaha here you can download the clover configurator http://mackie100projects.altervista.org/download-clover-configurator/
  11. And I'm almost sure you don't need it all you need is to add 0x68e01002 as Fake ID and uncheck "Inject Ati" in Clover but before you do anything you have to remove any modded kext and put back the original one, if there was any
  12. Are you sure that you need that modded kext?? As far as i know, if you were using clover, the only thing you need to do is to inject the fake-Id. And clover has that option. No need for any modded kexts.
  13. FLEX

    It would be good to post it here too. Some people have paid version of Flex ?
  14. Apple has formally changed the name of its desktop operating system, moving from OS X to macOS with its latest release, Sierra. macOS Sierra features a major focus on Continuity iCloud, and Mac experiences. One of the key new features with Sierra is Auto-lock, which allows you to automatically unlock your macOS computer if your Apple Watch is on your wrist. There's also the new universal clipboard, a shared clipboard between macOS and iOS that allows you to easily share text, images, and video between iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Siri will also be coming to Mac desktops for the first time, and Safari will get picture-in-picture support. There are also changes coming to iCloud Drive. Your desktop folder and files will now be visible on other Macs and iOS devices. macOS will optimize storage in concert with iCloud Drive, moving your older documents from your hard drive to the cloud. This includes full-resolution photos and movies. It will also automatically delete your trash, old mail attachments, and more if your want. Apple will also be moving the free storage in iCloud Drive from 20GB to 150GB when you use optimized storage. One other major feature coming in macOS Sierra is Apple Pay for the web, which allows you to tap an Apple Pay button on a website, then authenticate the payment on your Apple Watch or with Touch ID on your iPhone. macOS will launch in developer preview later today, withe a public beta coming in July. The update will support every Mac from 2010 onward.