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  1. And make sure to download and install iFunBox app on your computer because you will need it
  2. Can you post a list of your installed tweaks? We have only one solution to try but we need to see that list first
  3. The point is that because you installed it that way, iFile doesnt have the permissions to execute/install any debs. Thats why you getting that error when you try to install. Now we have to find another way to install those debs you need. that wont be an easy task, since your Cydia is still crashing, right?
  4. How did you install iFile application??
  5. Sorry bud, until i see screenshots of iOS version, Yalu version, verified profile pic and where Yalu says that iPhone is already Jailbroken..i'm not helping. Because, either you are some troll or you really have no idea what yo are doing, in which case i need those screenshots to be able to help you
  6. Now, firt you have re-jailbreak your iPhone. Open Yalu and click "GO" After you see your lockscreen again, open cydia
  7. Every time you reboot your phone (which is different from Respring) Jailbreak is gone. you have to re-jailbreak everytime you reboot. Thats why your cydia crashes.
  8. I've never heard anything like that. You respring and JB is gone?? I'm not sure thats even possible.
  9. Bro, you should follow this thread for 10.1.1 JB. Lot of useful things to learn about it.
  10. WB

    What the heck are you talking about????? Carry the icons?? No clue what you mean by that.
  11. Im on i6s im on i6S
  12. Its a .deb file. you have to put it on your iPhone and install it with Filza
  13. Have you tried with Flex. Im sure there is a patch
  14. DIY

    what idevice? whats iOs? when, how, what?? We need more info to be able to help you. And screenshot would be great
  15. Its up to you. JB for iOS 10.1.1 is coming out in next few days, they say. You can upgrade and wait for it. Im on 9.3.3 and im staying on it. I love my JB too much and i dont want to lose it. I will upgrade to iOS 10 after JB is out, not before, If signing window is still open. So, if you dont care much about posiblity of loosing your JB, upgrade and wait for JB. Or stay on iOS9 and wait.