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  1. I've never used iTunes except the flashing firmwares. Even that, I use pangu to do that, now. Just use something like iTools or iFunbox and others. They are always easy(much more easier than iTunes) to use and a thousand times lighter than iTunes. You can even manage iTunes backups with iTools. And those tools are not pain in the a** like iTunes where you lose data when you sync with a new computer(this might have be changed).
  2. Nah, I lost JB. But who cares? As long as I can JB it again. But, I didn't lost data... Even appcake folder...
  3. I think the problem is the appcake. I got a boot loot when after I installed appcake I think. Coz that was the last thing I installed from cydia, from insanelyi to be exact. But I don't remember well. In the end, I restored using pangu reserving data.
  4. Thanks. It's another stupid idea of apple. If people want to preserve the battery, they will turn off the wifi.
  5. I'm on iOS 8. When the phone is kept sleep, it got discconected from wifi. Is there a way to fix it or is there a tweak? Thanks
  6. got a new iphone

  7. Ordered a G Note 3 on amazon. Can't wait to get it no more ?

  8. Zeppelin is working. Here's the picture Can be found at
  9. LOL! I just saw my post title was with the wrong article. Anyway, thanks irish man.
  10. Can I upgrade directly to ML?
  11. Oh. I see. Thank you.
  12. Yes. It comes with Leopard. I guess I have no choice but to spend some more money then... Sigh...
  13. That means I have to spend some more money. I was hoping for a free update. And 10.5 doesn't have App Store... Thanks man.
  14. OMG, I am so relieved now. Do I have to buy a retail DVD to upgrade to Mavericks????
  15. I'm sorry. I thought I attached a screenshot. My iMac is 20'' and was produced? In early 2009.