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  1. For some reason I can't paste anything on my iPad mini non retina on insanelyi. When I try the long press, the copy cut paste box appears for a nanosecond and disappears. I've tried to do it multiple times, trying to hit paste in that split second, but it never worked. Wonder if it's on my side or on yours.
  2. Yea I saw a temporary "fix" on redmondpie but it doesn't help. It was involving resetting network settings and disabling networking in location services.
  3. Navigate to /Applications/ and open General.plist Remove: the <dict> to </dict> where SOFTWARE_UPDATE is contained to completely remove that the Software Update tab from Settings update. To just remove it from badging, remove the <key>cellClass to the PSBadgedTableCell</key> I would post the exact code but Insanelyi isn't letting me paste anything on my iPad in Safari and in Puffin all the <~> get removed on manual paste. If you don't understand and need further help, just say so.
  4. I don't see why it shouldn't. No hurt in trying either. Can't really mess up your device trying this.
  5. I have 2 iPad mini's one is jailbroken one is not. They are both non-retina and both on iOS 8.1. I have noticed thqt Wi-Fi disconnects randomly on both iPads. On the unjailbroken one, this happens mostly in the Youtube application. On the jailbroken one, it happens mostly in the MovieBox appliccation. This rarely happens during video playback, but while a video loads or after an advertisement on Youtube, this happens frequently enough to cause an annoyance. I cannot pinpoint what is doing this. Is anybody else having this problem? This happens like frequently during a short period of time, like once every couple days or so.
  6. MOD

    Lol, hacking in app purchases are fine in my opinion, but hacking multi player games, that ruin experience for others is a lame way to boost your ego in my opinion. Like why cant you play the game like its meant to be played? Like for this game and the previous Modern Combat's, do you feel good that you have a high kdr? Like is it actually fun, 1 shotting people and being invincible, I personally don't play this, but have played previous Modern Combat's and was pretty good at them as well, but uninstalled as soon as every match had a godmode or one hit kill hacker. Like I have access to these hacks, but hacking like that doesn't make the game any fun to play.
  7. Wait, is the password easily decryptable with the info they gave?
  8. HACK

    Pretty sure they patched it on their part.
  9. Yea, I don't think it has something to do with browser, because it doesn't work on Firefox for me.
  10. Yea, same on my laptop. On my iPad it's fine though.
  11. What pops-up when you try it? I'm not that good at this stuff, but the guy who posted there was pretty thorough and seems like everybody got it to work in the end, which makes me think it should work. Did you use the application named Notepad2 to create the Packages.gz? Maybe *if possible* try to create a subfolder in there, or place them in another folder and try linking that into Cydia? Maybe. I also found this guide maybe try those files located there and see if you can at least get Erica Utilities installed.
  12. It should be .gz anyway you're going to need a different Packages file as afc2add doesn't work on 7.1.2 you're going to need Apple File Conduit "2" SHA1 and sum etc. The source is case sensitive. Try adding again, and make sure your Packages file is perfectly correct and make sure to name it with a capital P and make it a .gz file.
  13. I'm on a laptop right now and it's doing that for me now. I haven't tested on mobile yet.
  14. Well, the Recent under the Cydia tab at the top of the forums on PC takes you to a 404 error page.
  15. He can't connect to the internet, so Cydia is useless, and he can't access filesystem.