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  1. Okay so sync, then shift-click restore choose my iOS I want then when it's done restoring choose to set up as a backup?
  2. I need to upgrade to iOS 6 I don't care about my jailbreak I don't even use it I don't care if I have to restore I just want to keep all my pics and songs (mewseek) and apps. BTW my device is an ipod 4 and has a serious battery drain issue at the moment.
  3. I've never updated a jailbroken device before. I need some help I have the iOS 6.0.1. file but how do I go from 5.0.1. to iOS 6 without losing anything?
  4. I wish there was an emulator.
  5. Yeah me too.
  6. BASH

    Damn was hoping it would.
  7. Why don't I have 100$ like it says I should on the main post?
  8. Kay thanks guys and I never use credit cards do I'm all good
  9. Does and can password pilot interfere with iapcracker?
  10. Try putting booting tethered, worked for me.
  11. Reboot then report back to me.
  12. What I did is I renamed the protube video folder so the app could create a new one then I renamed the folder back and videos aren't there but they are I'm the folder
  13. ProTube Crashes on startup I've upgraded to 1.7 EDIT: I fixed it but now all my videos are gone please help!
  14. Hello
  15. WB

    No I do not. Thanks it worked +rep for you :respect: :respect: