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  1. Libiarrays 1.0.7.Beta1 crk's fine with latest cracktool2 2.3-beta7
  2. Not craxking libiarrays1 1.0.6-beta-1
  3. 1. Is cracktool2 working for or is it just for iOS10? 2. Is it working for Copic For CallBar? 3. After cracking Libiarrays do you also have to crack Copic to activate? 4. Once cracked with Cracktool2 can we remove the '' and '' from the Hosts or shall we leave in Hosts? Or is it best to remove before using Cracktool2? 5. Is it best to remove the original Cracktool before installing Cracktool2?
  4. Maybe contact Julioverne, he maybe able to help you with Importing the Files trough easier way? PM him on this forum ask him what you need & include a link to this thread.
  5. Have you tried a hard reset?
  6. Use iCleaner to disable all your tweaks and then see if your maps is still crashing. If it works ok then introduce your tweaks one by one of a few at a time until you find the conflicting culprit...
  7. WB

    With iFile go to var/mobile/Library/iWidgets Then open the widget you're using. Config.js will be in that folder. I found var GPS: false in the Config test.js In the Config.js file is a discription of how to add your correct zip code for yahoo weather... I changed the var GPS: false to true and saved then relaunched the weather widget , the stock weather app is showing correct weather but it still says 'wait dude' in the iWidget. Im using Flexy iWidget 1.1 from modmyi, can you check if this is working with WidgetWeather3 ? In the settings for WidgetWeather3 can you check that ive got it set up correctly, these are my settings- Enabled-On Weather-60 Min Location Update-GPS GPS Settings- GPS Mode-Significant Change GPS Distance Filter-50m GPS Desired Accuracy-Hundred Meters Lat & Long is correct Additional Locations-All set to Off Time-24 Hour Temperature-Celsius Pressure-InHg Distance-Miles Speed-MPH Extra Settings- WeatherUnderground-Off AccuWeather-Off Yahoo Weather-Off Google Location-Off My Location-On Enable Writing-On Write Raw Data-Off
  8. WB

    E-rwin can you make a tutorial on this please? Or PM me with clearer instructions. Whats the Config.js or where is the Config.js located? Ive done a search in iFile for Widget cannot find a file with 'Config.js' in the title or path...
  9. Did you manage to recode iWidgets 1.3.0 from JunesiPhone's article fix and get the weather working?
  10. So will the author be updating Aegis after aegis-voat-1.18 ? Because I saw that aegis-voat-1.19 Beta was on the site before it was taken down? Or is that the final version ?
  11. link not working anymore, have you another link?
  12. I've installed it, not making any of my iWidgets weather work. Looks complicated. Could you apply this fix to iWidget 1.3.0 and post here please?
  13. iWidgets have stopped updating the weather using the Yahoo area codes for the last 2 weeks. Tried uninstalling then deleting the plist. file with iCleaner then re-installing , still not working. Has anyone any info on this?
  14. Don't forget to install your favourite browser before running this process....
  15. Been running both Ageis and Anti-Beacon on Win7 for couple of weeks now, skype and win update are both working fine