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  1. If you have money to spare (it's around $20 iirc), I definitely think that Paragon's NTFS driver for Mac is the best way to go. In my tests, it has been a lot more reliable than the NTFS-3G, or the OSX NTFS driver.
  2. There's also virtualbox as an alternative to VMware, some say it's not as good, but I think it works just fine. And kudos to RypeDub for suggesting Billy's Windows 10 Black edition.
  3. @sull, You are right, brc0703 created a script to crack fhc scripts. About the dylib, Fabius would just crack that. IMO Your best bet is just to ask people not to copy it, I.e. write a request/copyright in your bash script
  4. Welcome to insanelyi!
  5. There might be a way to do that. I'll look round to see if there is a way to check if it is installed from a specific repo. One thing you could do to protect your scripts though is to encrypt it using fhc (which you can install using cydia) A simple guide on how it works and how to use it is here http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2012/05/encrypt-bash-shell-script/ But if you dont want to go to that page then do: fhc -f script.sh which will output script.sh.x and script.sh.x.c, the encrypted one is script.sh.x which you will put in your package.
  6. Remember to press the green + button (I need $100 to change my title back to what it was )
  7. The great thing about deb and apt is that you don't have to go through the trouble to merge packages. Also by saying "i was noob 11 days ago lmao" are you implying that you're not a "noob" anymore
  8. Surely its intentional that "Premium Packages" can't be edited?
  9. What do you mean by you can not copy the deb file? You can't copy it from the internet? You can't copy it on your device? sidenote: If i was helpful press the green plus button
  10. Sorry I don't get it, why would you want them merged? Use dependencies, make your tweak dependent on the other one. Or if they are both your make them dependent on each other.
  11. You'll want to use "sleep" For example: echo "Hello World" sleep 1 echo "I just waited for 1 second!"
  12. Just to make sure, did they help you or basically write the code for you? I'm saying this because you REALLY need to understand ALL of the code you use, I have had past experience with this and it doesn't help to be a copy and paste coder! For example the ?: operator is really useful, you may not know it but it works like a mini if statement in an assignment. return (a > b) ? a : b; This basically means: if (a > b) { return a; } else { return b; }
  13. how about instead of a cloud its a rounded square like apples apps? (off topic, i might come more frequently because of the ios 6 jb)
  14. You'll have to run the binary as root like Cydia or ifile and I have done this on Folder+ and it works, again Sull thanks